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Adept I

Ryzen 7 3800x 3.89ghz instead of 3.9ghz?


Recently I brought Ryzen 7 3800x, and I was expecting 3.9ghz base speed from it but my Control Panel/System and Task Manager (as you can see in attached file probably) shows the speed at 3.89ghz.
I just want to know if everything is normal, if this is the win10 problem or if my CPU have a problem.

PS: I Tested the CPU on the most demanding CPU game (Kingdom come: Deliverance) and it seems it was working fine But I Benchmarked my PC and all my 3-4 years old components are higher than average while my new CPU (Ryzen 7 3800x) was 20% below than average. (yet I'm not sure if these online Benchmarks are very true)

PS2: On my motherboard boot page it shows my CPU at 3.9

PS3: 3-4 days ago I sent a request about it and received auto replay with Service Request: {ticketno:[8200999577]} but had no answer till now, I don't know if I can check anywhere or I just need to wait more.

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Adept I

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X-$325
AM4, 1 CPU, 8 cores, 16 threads
Base clock 3.9 GHz, turbo 4.15 GHz (avg)
Performing below expectations (38th percentile)

userbenchmark result , sure its not overclocked.

It is very normal for Windows 10 to show the value it should show as 3.90 as 3.89.


But there may be a problem like that Windows Task Manager should show the CPU speed higher than 3.9Ghz momentarily. 3.9Ghz is base speed for your processor, not turbo.

Restart your computer. Go to Control Panel > Power Options. Choose the high power setting. Start Task Manager and read the speed. The CPU speed should be a value higher than 3.9Ghz. Also share your Userbenchmark link.


Thanks for the answer,
My power is on Balanced (recommended) and on advanced settings I have maximum processor state on setting: 100%

Userbenchmark Link: 

PS: last time I benchmarked I received turbo stat at 4.15, for the new benchmark I cleared all apps and but turbo stat is at 3.85 GHz (as you can see in the link)
PS2: I remember wen I put my CPU on the use everything was fine at the first boot, but then it started to give me the fan error, first I tried to solve it by changing the settings in my motherboard (Asus TUF X470-PLUS GAMING) but then I find out I misplaced the fan cable. About the speed under the base speed at the Task manager I find these answers:
But they are talking about a laptop, so maybe I changed something in my BIOS ? or is it normal for PC too?

Edited: I restarted my PC and for 2 times tests its  Performing below expectations (38th percentile) again 


What is your opinion? Why can't your processor not turbo itself? Is the CPU cooler the cause of this? Windows power options the reason for this? Is the reason BIOS? 

Something is wrong with your system. It is very difficult to find the reason for this just by reading.

Adept I

I have a new motherboard and windows, Also checked the windows power setting (min:5% fan:Active max:100%)
I brought a cooler, something with like double size of the original cooler) it had a double thermal paste in the package I think, it was little more than usual but I'm not sure if it act like this in the results, because wen my FX-6350 3.9ghz cooler's paste became old so my cooler wasn't working well I had a shutdowns.

I put my CPU on stress test in CPU-Z app for more than 10 mins and captured a picture, you can see the temp and speed at the stress test.Zen2.PNG


You have a CPU heating problem.


Spread Spectrum is probably enabled and that would be why you see 3.89 instead of 3.9...  that is normal.  As for your under-performing CPU install the latest AMD Chipset drivers and use the AMD Ryzen High Performance Plan.


Thanks a lot QB,
Now my CPU have a turbo to 4.15GHz with AMD Ryzen High Performance Power Plan. I benchmarked for several times and have a same results.

But still its not 4.50 yet, I just want to make sure the CPU is working right or the changing it is a need.
As I said in another replay, I feel like it have thermal paste more than usual but I don't think it can make a CPU to have a limited stable 4.15GHz speed.


4.15Ghz is the average of your PC system's CPU core speeds. While some cores work close to 4.5Ghz, the others run at close to 3.9Ghz and you see 4.15Ghz at full load. Your system has a CPU overheating problem. No power options issue or BIOS issues.


Agreed...  you are now just running into the limits of your thermal solution (CPU cooler, Case Air Flow, and case fan configuration).  You can try a mild negative voltage offset with PBO enabled (No Auto OC) which should help with temps and performance, but it is a much more hands on approach and can lead to system instability if you don't know what you are doing.


Adept I

Sorry for the delay because of the changes and tests to make the good documents.

First of all I put a balanced power to AMD high power,
Balanced power:
AMD CPU - balanced power.png
AMD High power:
AMD CPU - High power.PNG

So everything seems fine and even on the lower load it has more speed, But as the AMD high power panel was hiding by the default I wonder why, if it's more healthy to have a balanced power, or they just hide it because of the laptop and energy saving?

Then as you suggested about the cooling problem I removed my cooler and CPU, cleaned them all and this time used the silicone/pasta with my own standard, the difference was in the Utilization at a task manager, and rating on a userbenchmark. Before doing so I had a Utilization at 98%-99% at max when doing the stress tests and the results were a little poor at userbenchmark but after the new installment I had a fix 100% Utilization on the task manager and better rating at the userbenchmark.


But also I want to know if my cooler is working at best, So if you can tell me reaching to 80c at maximum in the Stress test on Ryzen Master for Ryzen 7 3800x  is fine or not? I will be grateful.

Also my turbo speed on userbenchmark is stable 4.15 on all of lot of tests, it seems on AMD Master / Ryzen Master's Advanced view we can't run the stress test but only on simple view page, so maybe it have a problem to show the right numbers on all cores for now because I ran CPU-Z stress test while Ryzen master was opened on advanced view:
cpu-z test.PNG

As you can see it's not matched with userbenchmark (4.15) and also its not showing the different cores with the different speeds like you said (some at 3.9 and some at 4.50), again, maybe this software is not showing the right numbers in the multi cores working at stress as we cant run it on this advance mode (as far as I tried to find it).

Yet, I have a average rating on the userbenchmark, I checked the explains of poor performance reasons and as you can see at the last possible reason, it seems many people use a userbenchmark with a overclocked CPU if i understand it well because I didn't understand the (K, Black) in the explain.

But if K,Black means nothing here, it means I'm comparing my not overclocked CPU with a lot of overclocked CPUs anyway, so maybe it means my result is good?

At the end again I'm sorry for the delay, I just wanted to make a good document here.
Also I'm not obsessive with the numbers, at least not too much , just want to make sure everything is fine. with my CPU or i need to check it in some other ways.
Hope you guys have time to answer all my questions by checking the evidence.

Looking forward for your answers,
Thanks alot cheers to you all
With the best regards
Dezhar Petgar.