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Adept I

Ryzen 7 3700x has high temperature and nothing helps

Hello all, spent hours here to find a solution for my problems, same as many.

So my config is:

- MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus

- AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

- Cooler be quiet! Dark Rock 4

- Crucial Ballistix 3200 Mhz (32 Gb)

without OC with default bios idile temperature is 45-50 deg, when goes stress test with aida - temp goes to 100

gaming in destiny 2 - 80+ deg

what i already did:

- installed AMD Chipset Drivers

- installer Ryzen Master

- Clear CMOS and updated BIOS with E7C73AMS ver.

- used windows balanced power plan

- used ryzen balanced power plan

- used ryzen perfomance power plan

what should i do? i think that temp is not right


ok guys, i solved the problem.

its all about PBO in 3 places in my mboard

PBO boosting voltage up to 1.45V, and this is not right i think

now idle is 40, and with game+photoshop+2 browsers max 60

if i boost up to 4200mhz, it will be 80 deg

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Adept I

If that screenshot from AIDA was when the CPU was idle, I think that it still have room for improvement there, but you probably will have to dig into bios and change some parameters. In Cpu Core you have minimum registered of 1.2v while mine got around 0.85v.
Maybe it is just bios settings or maybe you have some background processes running that won't let your cpu go to sleep states.
My motherboard is an Asus X570 Strix - E and I used and offset voltage of -0.125v in cpu without performance loss (and some other parameters changes that I can't record now), but the temps were much better than leaving everything in auto. 


no this screen is from aida stress test statistics - u can see stress test time and min\max temp and volts.

my bios settings has offset mode voltage and i think i try to lower it as yours and see, maybe it will be much better.

that strange anyway, when voltage is high and high temp risk and cooler didnt realize it well, but i tested full speed cooler with default bios - high rpm cooler is not a solution, temp goes too 100 deg with 4200mhz boost in second, and high speed cooler cant handle it. 


I have the same processor as you. With the stock AMD prism cooler I never saw my processor over 87 degrees under load and in the mid 40's at idle. 

With my 212 evo my idle temps are mid 30's with under load temps not over about 78. 

So unless you have some serious air flow issues in your case, you have a CPU that probably should be RMA'd

If you have not run the case with it open and maybe even point a small desk fan into the case to see if that makes a significant change. If not then definitely RMA that chip. That cooler you bought is better than mine so it should be much better. Also you should not have to tweak bios settings for your cpu to work right. Especially on a 570 board designed for that chip. 

FYI don't mention you use an aftermarket cooler if you RMA the chip. Even though it is better the warranty reads that it is void with other coolers. So just don't mention it. 


I have cooler master 690 case with 3 additional coolers, air flow is great.

my dark rock is new and original, i thinked before maybe problem in paste - i used it much more then 1 drop, next day i dismount cooler and wipe paste and make thick layer with credit card, and install cooler again and nothing happens.

- issue is only in bios settings - voltage or something more


The thermal paste is always worth a try. 

If you don't have good paste already. I really like the Noctua NT-H1. There are a couple others that may cool things maybe 1 degree better. However I like how well the NT-H1 spreads easy and evenly. Plus it seems like it doesn't dry out as fast. Others I have had to replace paste yearly and I usually go about 2-3 years on the Noctua product. Paste is like any opinion, everyone has their own.

Heads up if you are buying and have not bought any of the good stuff before. Buy a small amount. The paste actually begins to degrade in the new tube when opened so no need to buy more than what you might use in the next year. 

If that doesn't help, I would RMA that cpu.