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Adept II

Ryzen 5800x3D Bios Settings

Question: What dose everyone use for best performance and great undervolting?


Is that good for safety and longevity of the Ryzen 5800x3D, don’t want it to bust or break in anyway.

I have read that this is what helps people a lot to gain better temps and better performance and lower temps? Thoughts?

PPT @ 100W

TDC @ 70A

EDC @ 100A

Thermal Limit: 80c

And Curve Optimizer -20 to -30 per core

PBO Scaler: 10x 


Cooler is: Corsair H150i

Motherboard: Asus Viii Hero WiFi

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Adept I

IMHO I'd set PBO Scalar to 1x or AUTO, 10x afaik only accelerates cpu degradation.

PPT @100W looks like you want to undervolt your cpu to a 65W model, which is fine: in gaming scenarios the cpu on average uses about 60 watts...

TDC and EDC I cant tell you anything about it since I am still fiddling out that one myself.

I have heard Scalar boosts voltage and increase how long max boost/voltage lasts 


So I thought with lower PPT, TDC, and EDC would help with Scalar 10x 

with Curve Optimizer @ -25 will allow voltage to be sustained at max and not go above safe values at all 




I wouldn't reduce PPT at all, specially with that behemoth of a cooler. Not even the thermal limit, at least yet.

Just do the curve optimizer and stress test it.

While stress testing it, monitor temperatures and check vcore voltages, maximum and average.


Good Luck

The Englishman