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Adept III

Ryzen 5000 Crashes (WHEA Errors) will get a "Silent Fix" from AMD.

Every Ryzen 5000 CPU owner knows, that PBO is not reliable in terms of stability.

For those unaware of the unfixable issue, the combination PBO + CPB results in an intermittent system crash while it is in low CPU usage state, so, ratter you like/want it or not, the only two viable ways to "solve" it, are:  Disable PBO + CPB combination, or, manually set the clock speeds.

Well, none of these scenarios are acceptable because AMD sell's out that PBO is a must, and in fact, is the only way to achieve the labelled boost clocks.

The point here is, if you ask for RMA, you will probably receive a new CPU which will show the same behavior, because this is not an isolated issue, this problem happens to be part of the Zen 3 architecture. So, while AMD allows easy RMA for those facing this situation, this "effort" is only to mask the real problem.

EVERY RYZEN 5000 CPU has the PBO + CPB problem and AMD CAN't solve it through firmware upgrades. Their main feature doesn't work as designed and there is nothing to do about it, AMD knows, but wont say a word about it.

Why am I saying so? 

Because of this: AMD confirms B2 stepping for Ryzen 5000 series brings no functionality or performance improvements -... 

Ryzen 5000 chips B2 SteppingRyzen 5000 chips B2 Stepping

Of course, the current production process may be improved and yes, that could be reasonable for a new revision launch. But, considering the effort of the new production and logistics for this revision, we can say precisely assume, that we have more in game, then what is being said. AMD will deliver a PBO error free revision of the Ryzen 5000 cpus, so the market wont be flooded with only the problematic revision.

You may be facing intermittent system crashes while in low cpu usage situations, and yes, if you are a Ryzen 5000 owner, PBO is probably the cause.

These are Windows events related to the problem:

Event 18 - WHEAEvent 18 - WHEASystem Crash eventSystem Crash eventSystem Crash event 2System Crash event 2

My intention here is to alert everyone that AMD is not being honestly regarding to this issue. I was able to test 3 different cpus in 3 different systems and all of them crashed when PBO + CPB were in use. A 5800x, 5900x and a 5950x, 2 Asus motherboards and an Aorus one.

Every owner has the right to use the features they paid for, and that is not the case with Ryzen 5000 chips. Simple disabling PBO + CPB is not a viable solution.

We should ask for an official AMD statement about this! Or, Justice should be called for an revision change, free of cost replacement of every defective Ryzen chip for those with the issue (including me) Sorry for some English mistakes.

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You’re right, and that can be a ‘workaround’ but it’s not really the answer. If you have to essentially overvolt your CPU beyond factory settings to get it to work then the CPU is at fault and an RMA is needed.

FYI, downclocking ram has so far fixed it for me, and a few other people.  I'm running my 3600 Gskill ram at 3333 and it's been stable. I've reached out to Gskill, but so far nothing from their support... 


Well, I've got a bit of news today, my RMA has been accepted but now I'm concerned about whether AMD is going to send me a replacement or not.  I'm kinda getting the feeling that I won't, that they'll keep the processor and refund me, which is something I don't want to.

Is there a way to know what is going to happen next?, cause I don't find a Live Chat anywhere to ask AMD directly.

It is really bad that AMD doesn't have a Live chat.



I am having this issue on my 3700x. However, why not just use AMD Ryzen High Performance plan where the minimum and maximum performance is set to 100%? 

Only the "Balanced" plan I believe has minimum state at 5% and maximum at 100%. 

Adept II

Thank you for posting this. I appear to have the same issues as you on the 3700x where I get issues primarily on low power activities (browsing the web), or just having the computer on idle. 

Adept II

Sign me up for the inevitable class action lawsuit. 

Looks like AMD learned nothing from

Time for another one! 

Journeyman III

I'm dealing with this now on my 5900x "upgrade". I was running a 3800x perfectly and bought a brand new 5900x...I've never been so frustrated in my life...I've tried everything..Now I had to de-tune the thing for it to work. Please someone fix this...


Yeah, I was stable for about a month with new ram.  Then suddenly 3 WHEA errors within hours of each other.   That's when I gave up and started the RMA process.  Have to live off of my Ryzen laptop for about a month, but at least it's more stable. 


Before I start going down the wrong rabbit holes, can anyone tell me if I can mark this thread off my list of possible problems to pursue if I have a Ryzen 9 3900X? I'm not sure if this thread is addressing a problem that in fact happens only with the 5000, or not.


@txmantyf I'm also having this identical problem with a 3700x in my factory built laptop.  So yeah, not just limited to the 5000 series.

In our household we have the following cpus:

5950x (currently out for RMA which will apparently take 2 months)

3700x in a Level51 laptop.  Same issue, will RMA once the 5950x comes back

3700x no issues. Used in 2 different systems (a x470 board, and an x570 board). No issues at all.

1700x no issues

3700U in Huawei Matebook D15, no issues. 

I have a 1200 on the way as well so I can throw something into my old rig while I wait for the rma's...