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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600H too high idling temperatures

I got a nitro 5 laptop with a Ryzen 5 5600H and an RTX3050
I had to factory reset my laptop because i accidentally got a virus on it but after it the performance has dropped by a high margin. For example my fps on Valorant used to be 250fps stable but now its 120fps on even lower settings

I noticed that my idling temp was at 72degrees Celsius and i know its too high

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Are you able to check the bios to see if there is a fan speed profile in it? Maybe the reset cleared the fan profiles (or turned them off entirely).

I'm not sure how GPU fans work on the laptop, but I'd assume there is some sort of cooling with them too. So it's also worth checking the Nvidia drivers to see whether there is a fan speed setting for the RTX3050 as well.

And finally, I assume you've updated your various drivers to the latest versions?


Ive set all the fan profile settings to max
and as for the GPU fan settings i have to control them through the laptop software so they're at max as well
all the drivers are updated to the newest version

I think that its being caused due to a fault motherboard so i am gonna send it back for repairing in sometime



are the laptop's intake and outtake vents clean of dust and grime and dirt by any chance?

That would cause your laptop to run hotter than normal.

Also you need to physically verify that the laptop's fans are working. One bad fan can make your laptop to overheat.