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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600G No Signal, dead ?

Don't let the heading fool you, I know it's dead or has failed.  

A brief history, the CPU was used in a build back in August of 2023 purchased new in a BOX CPU purchased with a Wraith Cooler from NewEgg.  I've ordered items from NewEgg since the early 2000s and had no issues with products or returns so I know it's a new product and not an open box etc.  At first install into a DJ computer I built for a one time use or two knowing it's a budget build I used a Noctua 120m Cooler anyways in a low profile rack case.  The CPU seemed hot when I tested for temps in the BIOs, we all know BIOS shows temps while going through setup, knowing full well this CPU works but temps seems odd at idle or at BIOS showing in the low 40s on a full 120m 4 heat pipe cooler.  Used thermal grease from the Noctua Heatsink but still doesn't account for the temps.  Shrugged this these temps off and continued with the build since it might be a symptom of AMD processor I've known from the past running hot as usual compared to Intels.  The system has been used once and shelved and the CPU removed for storage, the motherboard was reused in another setup that would have a lower end CPU in it with a GPU for a retro arcade.  The 5600G sat in a box until recently put into a new build new Power Supply and Motherboard MSI B450m Pro, 600W EVGA power supply and 2 sticks of 16GB Team DDR4 3200.  Friend used the system for 2 weeks until his move, and upon boot NO SIGNAL strange as it seems he brought it back.  Looked into the system, no SIGNAL, removed motherboard, Power Supply and put on a test rig, nothing, removed CPU heatsink, removed CPU, no bent pins nothing, cleaned reseated, installed heat sink, booted fine strange.  Friend takes back system after 3 weeks NO SIGNAL, had it working a few hours before comes back to turn it on nothing black screen.  I went to check on system, looked at everything nothing NO SIGNAL, looked at VGA port, DP port nothing out of the ordinary except the MB diag LED is in the CPU stage, meaning it doesn't pass CPU post.  After a few hours of testing and pondering reset BIOS via pins, nothing, moved memory modules put new ones nothing.  Tested finally with a working CPU booted just fine, so clearly it's the CPU.  

Now having to warranty the CPU and trying ask AMD honor their 3 year warranty for a BOX CPU, I'm being asked by a rep to verify if I've done all the testing, OMG I literally tore apart the system at first the second using a separate CPU isn't enough of a testing.  AMD should know that some of us have been with computers nearly a half a century and have taken courses if not graduated with Electronics or Computer Science degrees. 

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