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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600

Specs are b450 tomahawk rtx 2070 super

I built my pc 4 months ago and as of last week my pc shut down and restarted it has been doing that ever sense it just keeps restarting. I took it to a repair shop and was told it was my cpu has anyone ever had this issue? Also how long does it take to get a return email about replacing the part?

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Adept II

Hi Elsekey453023,

Do you know which BIOS version you're running?  Does it keep running while in the BIOS?


I do not u know the person I asked to diagnose it he said he updated the bios and yes it runs in bios and safe mode the second im out poof restarts


Try booting into safe mode and disabling all the startup apps.

Then boot to normal windows.

If that works you can try turning on the startup app one at a time until you find which is causing the problem.


So basically it does POST and you are able to enter BIOS correct?

But as soon as Windows starts to load it crashes and restarts, Correct?

You said that in Safe mode it doesn't crash but as soon as it loads regular Windows it crashes.

That seems to indicate a 3rd party driver is not compatible with Windows and is crashing the computer when it is loaded.  In Safe mode only Microsoft drivers are loaded with a basic GPU Graphics driver.

In Safe mode try to configure your computer to start in a Clean Windows Desktop. Once it boots into a Clean Windows Desktop and it doesn't crash and restart you can start enabling the 3rd party driver until you find out which driver is causing the problem.

It is really easy and simple to do and undo.

Here is how to boot into a clean Windows Desktop:



I will try that and see if it helps


Okay I disabled everything I could in task manager but was only 2 things I forgot to mention I had the guy format both drives to see if it was a issue with a app so its a clean drive with new windows and when I went to click dont show Microsoft apps there were no apps 


Hi Elsekey453023,

Try running an older BIOS version, specifically one with AMD AGESA  I had this problem with my 3900X and downgrading to an older BIOS fixed the issue for now.  I know 2 other people with same same issue and fix.

From what I can tell, the update to later AGESA versions for the XT and 5000 series processors has introduced an idle state bug that will cause the system to restart/reset.


Okay I tried running a older bios version sadly no effect still restarting 


I forgot to mention, don't run the Ryzen Master software, this will cause the issue to re-occur (perhaps it updates AGESA in the background?).

If you're still having the problem, it may be your CPU.  Ask the repair shop if they tried another CPU in your MBD.  If so, RMA the CPU.


Sounds like something is overheating and shutting down your computer. Possibly the CPU Cooler is not working as well as before causing your CPU to overheat.

Could also be a power issue in which your PSU is not supplying enough power thus shutting down the computer.

Download OCCT and run all three tests, CPU,GPU, & PSU and keep a close eye on Temperatures and PSU Outputs.

See if the computer shuts down during any of the three tests.


Sadly the computer does not stay on long enough to download anything before it restarts also from bios Temps were all around 33c