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Ryzen 5 3600 getting 90c when rendering in Premiere Pro!

Hello People I'm using Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler for 6-7 months I haven't render any video before bt recently during work with Adobe Premiere pro. I'm facing some problems.. Like timeline rendering is very slow and in final exporting a 300mb Video is taking 20 mins and the temps getting 90 degree c.. I'm so scared about this please help me out.. 
My PC specs are..

Ryzen 5 3600 + Stock cooler
B450 Aorus M
Corsair V lpx 16GB dual channel
GT 1030 2GB
Corsair Cx550
Cooler Master MB511 cabinet

thanks in advance! 
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Rendering puts a lot of Stress and heavy loads on the CPU.

I suggest you upgrade your Stock CPU Cooler for something more powerful like a AIO 250MM or above CPU Cooler.

Ryzen 3rd generation processors have a high Maximum Operating Temperature of 95C. Once the Temps start reaching or surpassing 95C, the CPU starts to automatically throttle to keep the Temps below 95C.

But it is best to keep temps in the low 80'sC or lower.

My budget isn't that high for a AIO..  So if I go with Cooler Master Hyper 212 how would it be ?
Cooler master Hyper 212/Hyper 410R/ Gammaxx 400 ,, only these are my available options right now! 
I will never OC my cpu .. I usually do Video and Music production on my PC..


I know that Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is very good and it is rated for processors with TDP 150 watts. I use that same CPU Cooler on my FX 8350 (125 watt TDP processor).

But I believe it is best if some other User replies to you concerning which Air CPU Cooler they have that is better and stronger then the Stock CPU Cooler.

So I really can't advice you which CPU Cooler (Air) will be best for that processor.  But lately I have been seeing many Users complaining at AMD Forums about 3600 series processors running hot for some reason.

Can you tell me one thing ? should I turn off the PBO in R5 3600 ? does turning off the PBO helps to lower the temps ?


I use the 212 evo on the 3600. It is cheap and keeps the cpu at 34 idle and 76c under load. The stock cooler was really bad for me. 

Wow.. I've just ordered the cooler.. I hope it would be all right for me! 


Did you disable PBO/Auto OC ?


I run mine with the default PBO but no auto OC. On Ryzen 3rd gen there isn't much of a reason to OC. They are already at near max performance in most cases and PBO manages the processor really well and is not an OC.

Unlike earlier processors Ryzen 3.... ramps up in speed extremely fast and efficiently. AMD recommends Balanced Power Profile, it has the Ryzen 3 optimization built into the os plan in Windows 1803 and later. On earlier Windows versions load Ryzen Master and use Ryzen Balanced plan. Unlike pretty much any other processor High Performance is not recommended for best performance. It is better for the processor to manage itself on Ryzen 3xxx than have it forced by the OS. 


hello sam97,

I see on your screens that your are not at the max TDC/EDC and you reach high temperature.

It's a good thing to try a better CPU cooler.

Also you can try to disable PBO and OC, update chipset drivers to 2.04 and bios if not already done.

Select Power Schema to AMD High performance.

You can down temp and stay with same perf in most cases.