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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 2600 stuttering

Hello! I have stutters with Ryzen 5 2600.

I have: GTX 1060 6GB dual oc, MSI B450 Gaming plus, 2x8GB DDR4 2933MHz CL17, 2TB SSD Intel 660p. 

Things I considered that didn't help: - Switch to different NVIDIA Drivers - Newest Drivers (Chipset, Audio, Screen) - Disable/Enable lots of stuff in the registry (hyper-threading, etc. etc.) - Move my graphics card to the second slot available on my motherboard - Overclock RAM - Deinstall all sorts of unnecessary programs - All NVIDIA Control Panel Settings to optimal performance (even force disable Vsync with an additional program) - Performance Battery Mode / Ryzen Balanced - Clean install Windows 10 - Uninstall my Antivirus software - Check hardware temperatures, voltages - Update BIOS - Memory testing ("Memtest" software).
I angry and i want my money back or fixed CPU! 
And, when i type Ryzen stuttering in Google, i am no alone.


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It's something to do with one of the Windows 10 Updates over the last 2-3 Months.

Couldn't tell you what exactly is causing it., only that disabling Game Mode can help. 

It is also something that is only affecting Ryzen Processors.

I have some red flag raised over this... given how this is occurring right when Intel is having a Very "Bad" Quarter., especially compared to AMD.

Maybe it's due to some "Honest" Mistake in some changes within the Windows Codebase., but, eh... it's oddly coincidental.