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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 2400g

ASRock AB350 Gaming K4

Ryzen 5 - 2400g

EVGA 550 Watt Power Supply

Corsair DDR4 2 x8gb 2400mhz  (installed A2 and B2)

Samsung SSD

no motherboard speaker

I have tried with and without a video card...just a ATI RADEON HD 5870

but thought i could run this ryzen without a video card

I have not been able to get display at this time.

On start up, the machine starts for 25 seconds then turns off and back on.

So when i trouble shoot from power supply connections and when i remove the ATX 12V, the machine runs continuously.

To be honest i have had this apart and put together several one time i did drop the cpu bent the pins but it now inserts easily.

Please help....

2 Replies

Update your BIOS.


Yup...tried to take to the computer shop but they dont have the chip to update the bios....have to wait for AMD to get back to long does that take?