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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 1600af boosting problem.

So,Hello,I have a problem let s say,my cpu its locked at 3.45 ghz,what i do,it doesen t boost beyond that or underboost at idle,on power options i ve set on high performance or Ryzen balanced,nothing changed,on cinebench r20 i got like 200 points less,like 2620 when other users got like 2800-2810,and the problem its,my cpu doesen t boost properly
Mobo: MSI a320m a pro max,I ve tried with the bios that came in and updated to the latest,no change,only thing i did was setting voltage at 1.2,with them stock or changed voltage,same story,and this its not a driver problem,i ve tried multiple windows versions,also some linux distro.
On another forum i saw multiple people complaining about same problem,frequency locked at 3450/3475,whats the **bleep** cause?On youtube i saw on people boosting up to 3.6 all core.

Thanks and Have a great day!

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