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Ryzen 3950x Max Vcore for OC


I have a simple question, whats the max safe Vcore for my 3950X for OC for daily usage ?

I have read trough several forums and everyone says different things. Some say 1.30 is max, others say 1.35 is safe etc etc.

Temps are no Problem, i have a Mora with 18 Fan's.



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Found this Tech Article on Overclocking the 3950X:

According to Gigabyte, the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X was stable at 4.3 GHz with a voltage supply of 1.416 Volts. AMD advises an overclocking voltage of 1.3-1.45V for their AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. The temperatures at maximum load under Prime 95 reached 101C (hottest junction temperature). The X570 chipset temperature also hit 68C which shows why the extra fan cooling is needed. When it comes to performance, at stock, the Ryzen 9 3950X posted a score of 3932 points in Cinebench. Do note that the older R15 version was used for evaluating the performance

According to Gigabyte OC Guide you can up the vcore voltage to 1.45v but Tom's Hardware says it is better to keep it at 1.4v:,40555.html

There are also a few other interesting takeways from Gigabyte's Ryzen 9 3950X overclocking guide. For starters, Gigabyte states that 1.45V is the maximum safe voltage. The value might be too high for everyone's taste, and keeping it around 1.4V sounds more reasonable. In terms of thermals, Gigabyte noted that the Ryzen 9 3950X's operating temperatures are right in the same ballpark as last year's Ryzen 7 2700X.



Thanks for the answer.

But i've read most of them myself and im so confused because so many say 1.4 is way too high and the cpu starts degrading at 1.325. So many people, so many different arguments. And Every Test says also a different Voltage setting for max daily usage.

Gigabyte says 1.45 for 4,3- well thats really much and i want to be on the safe side.

For example my 3950x needs 1.3V for 4,3 stable allcore. But i want to go higher- but on the safe side offcourse.

Wccftech says "AMD advises an overclocking voltage of 1.3-1.45V for their AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs"

Is this really official ? And with or without Auto LLC ?




I don't know but have you asked at any Overclocking websites like:

That would be your best place since those Users are knowledgeable about Overclocking and at what voltages the CPU will be stable at.

I am not an Overclocker but if you can reach the highest frequencies using around 1.4 vCore you should be okay as long as it doesn't run near its Maximum Operating Temperature.

I can understand your worries about using too much vCore voltage. You hate to have a very expensive paperweight if you overclock incorrectly since it won't be covered by AMD Warranty anymore.


Thanks for your replay.

Well, im not in the mood to register on every homepage/forum now

The question is, when 1,45 is max ( from Gigabyte) and 1.4 counts to"safe" is it with Loadline calibration auto or not ?

Even in the Gigabyte guide is no word on that.

I always used LL Auto because my knowlede with this feature is not that great, but it boosts vcore.


Sorry I can't answer your question about overclocking since I am not an enthusiast of Overclocking. 

Maybe some other Users reading this thread will answer your questions about safely overclocking your CPU.

I still believe the best way to get answers on overclocking is joining one of the Overclocking Forums and opening your thread there.

Most doesn't require that much to join.



So, according to every info till now i have ,i have this Setting:
4350 Mhz Allcore

Cpu Vcore 1.35 + Load Line Calibration level 3. Result is 1.352V in Idle and 1.406V max at 100% in cinebench. Temp max 78°
But no game runs every core at 100% load. So it will never be running 1,406 all the time-right ?

So with every info i have i should be on the safe side when AMD said 1.3 till 1.45 is max. Right ?


Edit : Maybe i have to update this post because of my memory oc. must see if its still stable.



So i had to make a few adjustments because my memory oc.

Thing runs now @4350Ghz

1.3875V + LLC3


Idle : 1.384 till 1.395

Max: 1.395 till 1.439 i made 10 Cinebench15 runs. Temp 84°

Should be fine, right ? I'm not above 1.45 Max

And like i said no game will run with 100%Cpu on all cores so it will never be that high on gaming or i'm wrong ?

Thanks for advise.


And like i said no game will run with 100%Cpu on all cores so it will never be that high on gaming or i'm wrong ?

Thanks for advise.


i'm so confused now. i did read a lot again in MANY forums and so many people say everything above 1.325V will hurt the cpu and the cpu starts degrading.

Some people say use pbo with scaler 10 (water) limit is mainboard and offsett +200 and you should be fine.

Others say no. even that would be to much because pbo uses more voltage...

Is there ANY official statement what max safe Vcore is  ? Oc or not ?


Edit :

So, i'm using PBO limit mainboard, scaler 10, offsett 200 ( i have a More 420 with 18 fans )

with PBO Fmax enhancer.


Result 4248 allcore, Idle Vcore normal , last Vcore goes up and down. Mainboard controled. Temp max 72 after a few cinebench runs.

Think thats fine and i can live with it also high singlecore boost is still avaible.

Should be fine