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Ryzen 3700x won't boot up PC at all



I have a Ryzen 3700x and it's by far the most frustrating CPU i've ever had, this is the second time my CPU breaks within 5 months. 

To give you a quick tl;dr my PC will not do anything as long as my CPU is inside (exact same issue as last time) if I remove it the led's will light up same as the other parts. It randomly happend after turning my PC off and trying to turn it on the next day, I always turn my PC off through the regular windows options, I don't overclock, my CPU is always at 40-55 degrees (max 60 if playing intense game) I never even changed a single setting in the Bios. 

I have legit 0 clue how this happens and i's beyond frustrating since I need my PC badly for university and buying isn't really a option since I still have over  2 years warranty but replacement takes ages, can anyone enlighten me why the hell my CPU keeps breaking after only a few months of light use? 

My last CPU got replaced but has anyone have had this issue and magically managed to get a solution to get it to work or am I just going to have to replace it AGAIN. (I srsly do not want to deal with another replacement)



32 gb ddr4 3600 mhz corsair vengeance 

MSI B550 Gaming Plus

MSI 2080 Super

3 samsung ssd's 256,256 and 512 gb.

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Have you tried swapping your power supply with known good?

Too Many CPUs & GPUs to list...

Did this last time, same as motherboard and it was the CPU since it worked after replacing it. And the other parts worked fine with the replacement CPU. 

PC pretty much won't do anything, doesn't turn on at all if the CPU is inside. If I remove it will start up the other components and technically turn on.