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Adept III

Ryzen 3 1200 oc worth it with current gpu?

Hello guys so i managed to oc the Ryzen 3 to 4ghz on 1.3v i ran Aida 65 stabiliti test for a few hours and ran a few games and i had no crashes what so ever even tought i cant lower the voltages more than that the motherboard doesnt let me its a msi b350 tomahawk the temps are around 50 c in load the motherboard is around 45c  the question is if i should keep it like that considering i got a r9 380 2g gpu witch still hold up at around 40 fps at 1080p medium- high in ac origins i think now the gpu is more of a bottleneck should i go back to stock?

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Temperature is fine, as Ryzen is capable of 90*C without issues, so I'd keep the OC.

yes thank u i tought so needed a second opinion from an expert.