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Ryzen 1500x overclocked is preforming worse than my old intel i5-4590?Why?

I did my research and it said that the ryzen would outperform my old intel device. so why is the case


Ryzen 5 1500x (stock cooler overclocked to 3.8ghz)

ASUS strix 970

MSI b350 gaming plus

crucial ballistic sport 8gb ddr4

I have done a fresh wipe of windows to get rid of any old drivers(heard its bad since i did have intel before) and need help because my framerate has gone down by 10 and i get really bad spike that i haven't ever gotten with my intel cpu. I really want to like Ryzen because I still feel like I'm doing something wrong so please give me some suggestions. Thanks!   

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Which game(s), and have you checked their forums to see if any update or tweaking is required?


Rocket league, insurgency, and fortnite battle royal. I can check as soon as my PC works as it just failed becuase of the processor. I think my issues might be that I received a defective proccer that failed 5 days in its life. nothing posts and all my other parts are working properly upon taking the cooler out the CPU came with it, not a good sign. I'm unsure what this means but taking off the CPU it showed no burning or hearing damage and looked completely intact. previously if I fired it up my keyboard would light up for a split second and then shut off. My monitor would never display and none of my ports (headset, mouse, controller, etc) would activate. the motherboard lights up with the ez debug light for the CPU Turing on and then off after a coue seconds. I've tried all my components other than my motherboard and CPU(I don't other ryzen cpus or motherboards) any suggestions to that?