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Rysen 9 7950X a terrible experience at a huge expense of money

As a Christmas present I decided to treat myself to a brand new computer, so I chose the best available, and so I chose the Rysen 9 7950x processor, an Asus motherboard with x670e and 128GB of ddr5 memory from Kingston, as well as ultra-fast M.2 disks, spending over 6000 euros for the new PC.
After a few days I finish assembling the new pc but it doesn't want to know how to start, after various tests and huge discussions with the ASUS technical service I discover that this processor with X670E is practically unable to handle DDR5 correctly, after many tests I settle for 64gb of Ram and about 3 minutes of power on time, Now since I have the fastest processor in the world and the most performing memory I expect fabulous performance, instead the processor goes like **bleep**, it lags a lot and for a simple file copy it stops, and after doing over 100 tests I have to confirm that it is perhaps the worst processor ever built by AMD too bad that I gave it confidence and now I have a very expensive computer that works worse than one of those cheap supermarket ones! !!


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ticinox, would you like some help? It is not clear you do. If you do, please post all your system's components and screenshots of Ryzen Master (RM) both Basic and Advanced views running Cinebench R23. Please only CB. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Perhaps I was not clear enough, and I apologize.
the problem is in the speed of the post at startup and the inability to boot the pc with 128gb of ram, all other tests are completely useless if the problem is at startup.

There are 1000 other discussions on the net regarding the problem of Rysen 7950 and DDR5.

This is the basic pc configuration

[Product Information]
Product Type: Motherboard
Bios Version: 0805
Operation System version: Windows 11 22H2

[Graphics Card]
Nvidia GeForce 3080

[CPU vendor/processor number]
AMD Rysen 9 7950

[Memory vendor/model/specification]
Kingston FURY 4 x 32GB, DDR5-5600, DIMM 288 pin

Thanks, ticinox. See this, found here:


The problem, in part, is with four sticks of memory you are forced into Rank two and this reduces memory speed. If you will run the test I requested and post the screenshots, I will try to help with the other problems, but so far I do not see a processor problem. Long boot times seem to be memory training and should improve with time. There are also BIOS settings to curtain the testing. BTW if you want the "...fastest processor in the world...", I suggest your get a Zen 4 Threadripper when they eventually ship. You can probably spend your 6000 euros on just the processor. One rumor is that it will offer 8 memory channels. Currently they have 4 channels. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Did you purchase all the parts separately and built the PC yourself?

Possible the RAM is the problem it could be that it isn't 100% compatible with the processor.

What is the exact Asus Motherboard you have - Make & Model?

RAM Make & Model or Part Number?

If the CPU is overheating due to a under powered CPU Cooler the processor would be throttling or running at a lower speed to reduce power and thus heat generated.

What is the CPU Cooler that you are using to cool the Ryzen 7950X?

Did you check Asus Support Motherboard QVL List for RAM Memory for the 7000 series processors or the RAM Manufacturer's QVL List to see if your Motherboard is listed for your specific RAM part number?

The QVL List will generally let you know at what Speed it is compatible at, how many Dimm slots it is compatible with, If it can be overclocked or not, SPD speed, etc.

Many Motherboards doesn't have many RAM Kits of 128GB that are compatible to choose from.


Hi yes I purchased all the components and assembled them myself, I have an IT company and have been assembling computers myself for over 25 years.
When purchasing the components I strictly followed the QVL lists, the problem is that all motherboards and even AMD claim to work with 128GB of memory, but nowhere do they specify that 4 slots 32x4 cannot be used but only 2 slots 64x2 should be used.
Unfortunately Asus responded with a lot of fancy but without having a solution and AMD as usual when launching a new product waits for the end user to try it.
No use having a very fast processor when you then have no way to exploit it because of technical limitations!




Sorry but here is no QVL for 4x32GB Ram or 2X64Gb on the QVL Asus list and in the Asus ROG or TUF X670E manual only says it supports 8, 16 and 32Gb dimms.

Normally with 4 dimms the speed support is much lower did you tried 5200 or 4800 just to see if it boots?

Do you really need 128Gb of RAM?

The boot time is a little slow especially with more Ram but its already better and with BIOS updates will be better. 

Its a new platform it will be better with time.

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Is it your understanding that the limitation comes from the CPU? The motherboard design? The motherboard BIOS lack of maturity?

The 7950X is great for massive multitasking (incl virtualization), being limited to 64GB would be a shame, prompting me to buy from the competitor instead.


What he means is, have you looked up QVL support for that board? Is the part number from your memory kit is there? If not then the memory was not tested/validated with the board vendor and may not work. 

Also, I believe if your after virtualization lots of storage and plus 128gb workloads, then you should be looking into a Threadripper not a consumer CPU like the 7950X.

I use one with just 32gb and its pretty amazing for content creation like video editing. 

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I have basically the same setup except Gigabyte mb and skill ram. I had no problem booting with all 4 sticks. The problem was that I couldn't enable xmp with all 4 and it reverts to 3600mhz. I too went to 2 sticks and now it's at 6400mhz. I can't find any blanks to fill in the rgb either. I found out that it isn't the board and its bios, that it's the proc itself. Does anyone know if amd will have any kind of firmware updates that will allow all 4 dimms at speed?


I also have the same setup and do not experience any of this I mean not even close, could he have a bad motherboard??? 

Adam J Martin

Hi @ticinox,

Do you have a part number for the RAM?  I looked at the memory QVL list for your motherboard and couldn't find support for 128 GB there, at first glance, but there are several pages with Kingston RAM so it's easier to search by part number.  If 128 GB is supported, the rightmost column in the QVL list, Socket Support, should state level 1,2,3.  These numbers aren't physical socket numbers, but passed testing levels for the RAM and the "3" means it has passed testing with four banks.

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AMD are very bad and very slow when it comes to firmware, drivers, bios and software in general...

On the other side, they offer lower temps, not sure about performance.... But lower temps are a huge advantage. Plus you can run 12 or 16 core CPU with a budget coolers like arctic sports duo.... OR any other dual fan cooler. I recently upgraded my pc from 5950x to 7900x, of course just because i wanted to move on ddr5 and the new x670e chip....
Initially i just swapped my NMVe with Windows 10 onto the new pc build and it was all running smoothly, but then I upgraded windows to windows 11, and then problems started... programs starting slow, crashes... so i had to downgrade again to Windows 10.
Bottom line: every time new product range comes out from AMD, it is never optimized and it wont perform smoothly straight out of the box... Which it should!!! This is why i will never by top of the top product as it is not worth the money.

Good for you you have 6k to spare for a new pc, but it is a total wastage!
All the best everyone!