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Journeyman III

Resizable bar and Sam causing 100% cpu and sutttering

So my pc is:

b550m aorus elite rev1.3

Ryzen 5 5600 stock

rx 6650xt

16gb ram adata

psu deepcool 550w 80 bronze

1tb ssd nvme kingston/240gb ssd sata kingstone

So lately everything i am doing when comes to gaming its laggy while i have the sam and resizable bar enabled.

Hogwarts legacy it stutters and it barely reaches 70 fps with 99% fps to 10 or low and most of the games are somewhere close to that

The cpu while sam and resizable is on its most of the time somwhere to 80 and most of the time at 100%, i find it weird that i cant play hogwarts on a r5 5600 but the rec cpu its the older 3600.

'/// I even checked the task manager and it literally saying that all % from the cpu its on the game, when i have sam and resizable bar disabled the cpu on hogwarts stays around 40-60%///

thoughts on why is this happening? 

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