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R5 2400G thermal management

After getting annoyed at AMD and MSI for a broken promise that I could use my shiny new X570....

I went and found a refurbished MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard. This board's layout is fairly good for my needs but the performance is not that good.

Had all kinds of problems to get the board to POST suggesting a bug ridden BIOS. There was a new BIOS available so I installed that only to be confronted with lots of BSOD problems.

Anyway I noticed on my old MSI B350M Bazooka that the OEM thermal material was already baked. I cleaned that up and used a dab of MX-4 and my CPU cannot get past 53°C saturated. Now at least my CPU will work more like it should.


The X470 slots are not much use to me for some hardware. Cheap SATA cards can make so with PCIe 2.0 but some better cards need PCIe 3.0 speed seen on the X570.

I have had my R5 2400G for about 10 months, which is why I was very unhappy that the X570 fisco ended up with me owning an overpriced paperweight.

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