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Journeyman III

Processor Upgradation

Can I upgrade My Laptop processor from AMD A9-9425 REDEON R5 to another AMD processor? 

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Unlike desktop motherboard models, that have standard socket types and manufacturers that publish compatibility charts clearly showing what processors are supported with what BIOS versions, laptop manufacturers do not typically do so.

Aside from the physical challenges in getting a laptop disassembled, you may have trouble getting information from the manufacturer about what processors are supported and some manufacturers may even solder the processor directly to the mainboard.

That said, the A9-9425 should be a socket FT4 processor of Stoney Ridge family, you can cross-check what other processors are part of that generation. Your best bet is to contact the laptop manufacturer support to ask them what processors are supported by your model laptop. If this information is not available you could do Internet searches to determine what other processors were originally sold with your model.

Also keep in mind the A9-9425 is a 15W TDP chip and the cooling solution in your laptop may only be designed to handle a 15W heat output. Of course laptop cooling solutions are custom made to fit the enclosure, so unlike a desktop you can't simply replace it with a better cooler.

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