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Journeyman III

PC turning off and then back on

I recently built a PC over the weekend for the first time and after turning the computer it shuts down and then powers again in a loop.  We disconnected everything with the except the PSU and CPU to try and troubleshoot what exactly is happening and received the same result. We also verified that we installed the processor correctly.  The processor is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and the motherboard is an ASRock B45OM/ac.  I am unsure of where exactly we went wrong.

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That sounds like what happens when RAM fails to pass POST so the motherboard triggers a reset to attempt to recover at failsafe settings. Is the RAM you're using on the QVL list, and does this still happen when RAM is not present? I know you said you disconnected everything, but that doesn't necessarily mean RAM was removed.


I took out the RAM as well and it was repeating the same thing