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Journeyman III

PC freezing after updating CPU to FX-6300

Hello, Good morning/afternoon/night

I need some help:

Recently I've made a update on my PC and it's been causing some trouble since then I was using a CPU Athlon x2 270 and updated it to a FX-6300 and my PC started restarting without any message/screen, it was like I was pressing the reset button, and the Event Viewer was telling that it was a problem with the Northbridge and the usual Event 41 - Kernel - Power I was checking the temperature and it seems all alright, I tried all sorts of tutorials about energy consumption and silent mode but nothing worked, then I decided getting a new motherboard because I was needing it anyway, but now it doesn't restart anymore, it just freezes the screen forever.

My currently setup is:

Windows 10 pro / FX-6300 / 970a-ds3p fx / 2 DDR3 HyperX fury 4GB (each) 1866mhz / AMD Radeon R7 360 2GB / Power supply Cougar SL 500 500w

Hope someone can help me

Thank you!

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Community Manager

Could be an issue with the Power Supply based off your description.

Have you tried updating the Motherboard bios, and testing the CPU and memory individually for stability?


Hello Matt,

Thank you for your answer

So, my motherboard is already in its last Bios version, which is the one that came with the product.

I haven't installed the motherboard from the CD-ROM, is that important?

And how could I test the CPU and Memory individually?

I've used a driver test boot but nothing wrong so far


You could run some stress tests on the CPU, something like Aida64, Prime95, etc. You could test the memory, one stick at a time with Memtest.

I recommend checking the Motherboard manufacturer website for the latest drivers for your components.


Hey again, Matt.

So, in this meantime I've used the BurnInTest and the Memtest to see if I could trigger the freezing in my computer, but nothing happened at all, besides the normal slowdown for using my CPU, Memory and Disk at its 100% when doing the tests.

Should I consider that the problem may not be with those? Or even though after forcing everything at its max usage, still there's a chance of the CPU or memory be the problem?


It's difficult to say with the information provided. I'm still leaning towards it being related to the power supply at the moment.

Are you running the latest Motherboard bios? I would also try disabling all CPU power saving functions (Cool n Quiet, C3, C6 C1E etc) in the Bios to see if that helps.

Journeyman III

Hey there

Yes, I am running the latest Motherbord Bios, and the power saving it's indeed disabled in the bios.

Today I've tried to test a new power supply that I had and the same problem happened, and when I tried to change the power cable (just to make sure) the PC turned off after some time, without any message whatsoever.

I really don't know what it can be.