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Journeyman III

Noob question: Is 4.1Ghz with CPU voltage @ 1.3V safe for my 2700x?

First of all I have to give some background. I'm a total scrub when it comes to OC, and I didn't even intended to get into that, but then I choose a Ryzen 2700x as an upgrade (coming from an i5 6600), now here I am. I just wanted the best CPU I could get for value in my region (one that I didn't need to change at least for some years) and after a lot of research, I got a kit with a 2700x + Asrock ab350m pro4. My current config is 2700x + Asrock ab350m pro4 + Zotac GTX 1060 GB + 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz ram  and a 500W Thermaltake PSU. I was worried about my temps with the stock cooler (about 65ºC~70ºC idle, up to 80ºC and above on gaming), so I got a Maelstrom 240t (AIO). My temps are better, but my frequencies are fluctuating anywhere from 2.2GHz in idle to 4.35GHz (because of XFR or precision boost, I'm not sure about the name, again, scrub), and in gaming I felt that that led to some frametime and framerate issues that I didn't have with the stock cooler, probably due to the fact that it didn't have much thermal headroom increase frequencies. So I decided to set a fixed clock @ 4.1GHz and set Vcore @ 1.3v. Everything seems safe for now. I've tested some time in Aida64 and gaming (with more stable frametimes and framerates apparently) and now Ryzen master hardly reports 70ºC. What I want to know is: should I reduce my clock or my Vcore a bit, since I'm aware that my motherboard is not ideal for OC? Apologies for any term misusage that I might've made. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Noob question: Is 4.1Ghz with CPU voltage @ 1.3V safe for my 2700x?

It's fine.