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Journeyman III

No post w/ white VGA LED, slow RMA response, and potential for cross-ship?

I'm posting here because I'm becoming desperate since this PC was/is for work and I'm down and out without it. It's been weeks and work is piling up.

  1. I submitted a CPU RMA earlier this week and I've not gotten any sort of response. Phone support asked me to wait 48 hours which I have but still nothing. I have a service request number: {ticketno:[8200979741]}
  2. I've replaced/tested literally all other components in this PC by replacing them with known-good (borrowed hardware), or using them in another system, and rebuilt it several times to confirm connectivity of cables/components. Every other cable/component has been proven to work except the CPU. This was a working/stables system of 6 months and then one morning would no longer post.

    Build Specs:
    - ASUS Tuf Gaming x570 Plus Wifi (Has already been RMAed and the new one tested extensively)
    - Ryzen 3700x (It's dead, Jim)
    - EVGA Nvidia Geforce 2070 Super Black
    - Crucial Balistix Sport LT 8gb x2 (16gb total)
    - Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650w
  3. Finally, I had asked if there was any potential for cross-ship, given this pandemic and my need for my computer for work.

Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. I'll do anything in my power.

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The VGA LED suggests a problem with the video card. Try a different card and see if that POSTs.