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need help finding best processor for a780gm-m3

I have this motherboard.

ECS > A780GM-M3 (V1.0)

I also attached the manual to help speed up your helping me.

Its an old board. I am having trouble figuring out a best processor and memory fit.

I have searched but the sellers are not assuring me that the processor and memory will work and tell me I must check this myself.

It says in the manual that the board specs says it supports (I have updated BIOS to latest version to support x4 core processors)  x4 core  AMD PhenomTM  processor (socket AM2+)/AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 Quad-Core/AthlonTM 64/SempronTM processors.

I am looking for the fastest that clocks at the same 1066mhz as the memory I would want to install.

I find 2.2mhz, 2.3mhz, 2.5mhz, 2.8mhz, and 3.0mhz processors.

The specs say board supports CPU up to 95w so how does this translate to mhz?

Is there a formula?

If someone could advise me on a AMD socket AM2+/AM2 processor and memory x2 8gb 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 1066mhz with Dualchannel architecture, I would be grateful.

Maybe a link to the or listing or a direct link to a proc from a reseller.

I appreciate your help!

Scott Kaltbier

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Since your Motherboard has a AM2+ Socket, here are all the compatible CPUs that would fit and work in your motherboard:

See if any of these are listed on your Motherboard CPU list:

This is an excellent CPU Website that gives you all the Specs on all CPUs made. This page is for all Phenom II CPUs. Pick one and read the specs to compare with other similar CPUs for your motherboard.

But your Motherboard also supports AM3 CPUs. AM3 is backward compatible to AM2+ Sockets. AM3+ CPUs are not compatibleSocket-AM2, AM2+ and AM3: Backwards Compatibility - AMD Phenom II X4 940 & 920: A True Return to Com...

Look at the CPU list for your Motherboard and see which CPU you want to update with.  Just make sure you have the appropriate BIOS installed for your CPU from the list. It mentions which BIOS you need for which CPU. If you can afford it, I would try to install a AM3 CPU which are faster and better than AM2+ CPUs. CPU List from your motherboard: ECS > A780GM-M3 (V1.0)

This is the QVL (Qualified Vendor's List) list for the type of RAM Memory that has been tested to be 100% compatible with your motherboard: Downloaded from your motherboard's Support Site.

Sorry if I don't write in the right place, it's my first time.

Do you know what the most recent processor is with the most recent motherboard would be compatible with XP 64 bit?

Thank you in advance for your help.