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Adept II

My 5600x running at 1900/3800 but my VDDP is 1000 looking for feedback

VDDP 1000 any lower and I get whea errors, I know this is higher than the old 900-950 people used for zen 2
I've tried 975 dosn't work, and I don't see any point in trying smaller than 25mV steps
Anyone else running a similar VDDP or has thoughts on this?

VDDG 1000 both IOD and CCD havn't tried any lower cause that seems safe enough
SOC 1.15 set 1.131 get LLC medium
I can run one notch lower stable 1.135 set 1.106 get, but below that is unstable right away so I went a notch up

Gigabyte x570 Pro R1.1 on the o bios

Other pro tips I have is disable P states even if you don't have obvious USB issues


My memory is HyperX 3600 19-21-21 kit, it can run 3800 and probably 4000 on stock voltage

But I can't tighten any timings
I can't even set secondary timings manually without it crashing
Maybe its a bios issue or I had things setup wrong
But I couldn't do **bleep** to the timings
But that was before I had all my WHEA issues and other weird issues solved
So I might return to this

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