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MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon + 3700X (freezes?)

Hey everyone,

So i have installed the new Ryzen 3700X as a upgrade to my old trusted 1700X (which was overclocked at 3.95ghz).
I obviously upgraded the bios with the newest version from the MSI website. Which supports the new 3000 generation.

The problem i am having now is that my is (not overclocked anymore) with 3200 mhz DDR4 is freezing when idle most of the time. Sometimes also in games when im not doing much (world of warcraft). I am at a loss as to how to test or rule something out on this matter.

Does anyone happen to have some tips for me how to rule out what is what? Cause this started happening right after i installed everything new (bios, installed cpu, resetted Cmos first before installing and such). Then when installed windows fresh. Drivers and such.. nothing the matter btw no freezes.

But now that i have installed everything i seem to be getting random freezes. Which sometimes increase over time mostly when idling.

Would love to have some pointers/input. If you need more information i would be happy to oblige.

Kind regards,


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It sounds like a RAM issue.

I do appreciate your PC ran fine with your old CPU which was also overclocked but these new 3000 series CPU s are effectively using BIOS updates that are in Beta stages as manufacturers roll out updates to solve teething problems.

What speed is your RAM set at?

Usually with a BIOS update or after resetting it the RAM will default to the 2133 speed.

There should be an option to enable DOCP profile for the RAM which alters the timings to run the RAM at the targeted 3200 MHZ.

You can enable the DOCP profile to get it to 3200 MHZ then try manually downclocking it in the BIOS to 3000 MHZ to see if it will run stable.

Also try your PC with just 1 stick of RAM at a time to see if 1 of the sticks is the issue.

You will obviously need to place the single RAM stick in the appropriate slot as it differs for single/double sticks.

In Windows search bar type 'memory' and run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to test your RAM.

No need to do the intensive test as that takes hours.

Usually takes around 15 minutes to run the moderate one.



Hey cosmicdance,

First of all thank you for your reply and for the time it took to reply.

At the moment it seems all running stable since windows 1903 patch. (remember i re-installed windows for new cpu). My memory is running at 3200 mhz via XMP-1.

Will keep an eye on the system if this returns in the next few days then it's not the patch that is the solution i guess.


So i it's 23/08/2019 now and i have never ever got a freez again since i started the topic & updates windows and such. It seems for me it's the 1903 patch with perhaps some other updates (amd chipset and such). That did the trick for me.

Topic can be closed i guess. Im using the pc daily for like 3-4 hours. Cant imagine it will return all of the sudden now.

Thanks again!