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Adept I

MSI 870c45-FX V2 + FX-8350 4.0 = 4pin CPU Power ?? Stable ?

Sorry my bad English...
I rummaged through the entire Internet for a couple of weeks, but did not find a clear answer (

Guys tell me, for FX-8350 at 4.000 MHz - WITHOUT ACCELERATION IN GENERAL! + Wraith Cooler!
((Maybe i can Lower Clock at 3.800-3.600))* ???
On the Motherboard, an 8-pin socket, on the Power Supply 4-pin ...

Will it work stably?
Now there is an FX-4100 - I made 4170 of it (4.2 GHz) - normally it worked like that for more than 3 years.
Then just returned to stock.
Will it work steadily on FX-8350 ?????
(just in case, I have already purchased an adapter 2 Molex> 8pin ATX CPU (German Company)
but a bit short 15 cm ... (not yet connected)

FX-4100 3.6 Stock
MSI 870-C45 FX V2 (Bios v3.2 - Update AGESA Code for Vishera.)
8 GB DDR3-1333
Saphire AMD R7 360 Nitro

Please help, since I bought the processor, but I’m afraid to insert it ...)

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First make sure you have at least this version of BIOS installed ( on your Motherboard for the FX8350: Support For 870-C45 (FX) V2 | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global 

The FX4100 has a older Version of BIOS to support it. So make sure you have the latest BIOS version installed before installing the FX8350.

I would definitely connect the 8 pin CPU Power connector since the FX8350 is a high wattage processor (TDP 125).

From your Motherboard's Manual:

If the adapter you have is not long enough then you will need to order a 4 pin to 8 pin Motherboard Adapter that will reach. I would not run the CPU with just a 4 pin connector where it requires a 8 pin connector.

This one from Newegg for less than $6.00 (including Shipping)  is 12 inches long: ATX 4 Pin Female to 8 Pin Male EPS Power Cable Adapter - 

Adept I

Thx dude...

I read this !!
BIOS LATEST !!! v3.2  (Update 2013)

Many people say FX-8350 need VERY GOOD Motherboard !!!
and i afraid  make FX-8 core in my 870-c45 FX v2...

i have this !

2 molex to 8 pin



If that adapter is long enough then it will work the same as the one I showed.

The FX8350 should work on your motherboard without any problems.

Hardcoregames did bring up a good point. With a R7 360 the minimum PSU you need for your computer is 450 Watts. So, maybe in the future if you can afford it, you may want to upgrade the PSU since have have a higher wattage CPU installed now.

But if your computer is working fine with the 500 watt PSU, than I would wait before upgrading.

I have a FX8350 with a Asus Sabertooth FX990 Motherboard for a few years without any issues at all. So I would just install it and see how it works on your motherboard. 


if your PSU does not have the requisite 8-pin EPS12V cable you should look to getting a replacement

modern 650W PSU units  have the proper cables and are a safer choice when a video card is installed

Adept I

Tell me please  MotherBoard 870-c45 FX V2 (Bios v3.2 work stable with FX 8350 ??
I dot use OVERLOCK ! and i turn off in bios (Cool'Quite. Turbo Core.....)

This FX 8350  in support my motherboard MSI Official !
Please TELL ME !!!
(many crazy people say about VRM-Mossfets) but 8350 Official SUPPORT MSI !
? ? ?

I have new PSU Chieftec 500 Proton 80+ Bronze


Please tell me !! This is VERY IMPORTANT NOW !!!


That Chieftec Proton 500W has 42A of 12V current which should be adequate.

As for CPU support, the FX 8350 is not supported according to the CPU support.

The MSI 870-C45 (FX) V2 is an older model so it does not have full support for all of the processors. Having said that, more recent 970 based motherboards can use the FX 8350 fine.


Yes it is supported under MSI Compatibility Chart. Need to look under "Vishera" and it shows FX8350 supported.

When I first looked at the chart I also missed seeing it, since it has different FX Processors and different categories. Need to look at the beginning of the FX Processor series to see. 

I checked the compatibility but this old board may have issues with 125W processors as the regulators are not that robust


I agree that is why I recommended that he plug in the entire 8 Pin Motherboard CPU Power connector and not just the 4 pins to give the Processor the Maximum Power it needs to operate.

That is also the reason I brought up the PSU issues previously

Never cut corners on the PSU, the whole rig depends on it.

Adept I


and maybe  down Clock at 3.800 Ghz ... and + FAN for VRM and NB !???  for stable work !

But what about the many boards that are now being released with 4 pin power and 4 + 1 phases ???))))))

(and this is 125w and sometimes even 140w motherboards)

... and people normally buy them in 2019 !!! and put in FX 8350 !!!

No OVERLOCK !!! For Stock Clock !!!

ЗЫ: for hardcoregames™

This motherboard release in support FX-8150 in STOCK from the BOX !!!

FX-8150 consumes at about 15% more energy than FX-8350!

(google has many test about this)

Why my MotherBoard  "not full support" FX-8350 ???


maybe you should find a 970 based motherboard which is low cost and has much better support for 125W processors


You understand that my board supports out of the box 8 nuclear 125watt processor ...????
Look at the cover of the box - 8 cores are ready.

(8 Core Support AM3+ CPU)

and prefix FX in the title says that the motherboard is SPECIALLY manufactured for the FX series processors !

WHY MSI Company SAY THIS !!!!!????????

wt* is going on ??(



The problem is that the BIOS was never updated for the last of the AM3+ processors AMD released before they moved to AM4

This is why I suggest a 970 based board which is not very expensive, can use you existing CPU and RAM and will be better suited


i have BIOS v3.2 for Vishera CPU !