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Journeyman III

Maximum Cpu Vcore and Bios Settings for AMD picasso 3200g?

Hello Community,

i have a few questions for you.

1. What is the Maximum CPU Vcore for AMD Picasso 3200g on a MSI B450 Tomerhawk ( before its get critical)?

2. Which "Power plan" on Windows 10 x64 Pro ist the best for AMD Picasso 3200g ( Windows set automatically"AMD Ryzen Balance" ) - ( My Windows 10 Version is up to date,MSI B450 Tomerhawk Bios is up to date"7C02v31")

3. If i start "Prime95", the CPU VID is not the same Vcore on all Cores "HWInfo64" / Is that normal ?

4. If i want OC AMD Picasso 3200g on MSI B450 Tomerhawk Max with a fixed CPU Vcore, which do i have to used (AMD Overclocking or Overide Mode) I dont want to use a offset mode.

4. Which Bios Settings must i turn off for OC/Undervolting?

5.When the Auto Settings voltage max  1.4v, can i switch directly from 1.4v to 1.3v or 1.25v to 1.4v (but not above!!because i dont know the max v for Picasso)  ? that would damage the cpu ? I think not but iam not sure.

My Hardware:

Windows 10 x64 Pro (up to date)

MSI B450 Tomerhawk Max ( 7C02v31 Bios)

AMD Ryzen 3200G Picasso

Wester Digital BLUE 3D NAND SSD 500GB (550MBs read / 530 MBs write) 6gbs

4 x 4GB DDR4 Kingston Fury Black  "Micron" KHX3200C18D4/4G" Single Rank / Bios Memory Try it "2666mhz CL14 16 16 34 61 1T "

AMD Radeon R9 380 Sapphire Nitro 4GB

Bequiet 500w Pure Power

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