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Journeyman III

Max clock while idle 5950x


My PC has a 5950x CPU which used to idle at 33°C at speed of 1.6ghz or less. and while gaming should be 60-65°C at 4.0ghz or so.

I didn't use the PC for a week and when I boot it up I see idle temps are 72°C and a single core working at max speed of around 4.80mhz.

I went into BIOS and temp is 33°C so AIO 360mmx73 cooling is working the way it should.

So I went directly to the energy options and saw min processor state was 0% (changed it to 5%) and max processor state was 100%. I changed the max from 100% to 99% and the speed went from 4.70ghz to speed of 3.3ghz... also dropping temps from 72°C to 40°C. I was able to achieve 33°C if I dropped max processor state to 50% (speed went down to 1.6ghz).

When I changed it to 99% the clock locks at 3.30 ghz it won't go down or higher doesn't matter if it's idle,gaming or benchmark like cinebench.

Turned off core performance boost and speed seems capped at 3.30ghz, but also works at same speed, doesn't go down. Changing power plan setting didn't affect while core performance boost was off.

So why is my PC always working at max even while idle? It used to idle at 1.6ghz and boosted itself as needed but never working at 100% all the time. Any solution?

AMD cool and quiet is on. PBO is off. No OC done at all. RAM is working fine. GPU working fine too.

You can see the immediate jump from 40°C to 72°C on idle when I set maximum processor state from 99% to 100%. If I open a game temps go as high as 88°C (which used to be 60°C max after hours of gaming... Most game set around 52°C).

Got latest bios, chipset, etc.

TL;DR: Processor speed used to idle at 1.6ghz and boosted itself as needed (gaming/rendering). Processor now has an idle core working at max speed of 4.8ghz at all times.

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Big Boss

Tosen, these are the symptoms of a user messing around in BIOS. Please clear CMOS, reboot your system and post screenshots of Ryzen Master (RM) both Basic and Advanced views running Cinebench R23. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Journeyman III

I have this problem and have not messed with bios, also performed bios update and cleared cmos, system still runs like it's at 100% utilization when idle. Sits right around 70c. Even turning on a stress test with cpuz or similar has no effect on temperature really, might go up a couple degrees but that's all.