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low load / high temps 5950

I'm not sure when this started but i went into my iCUE application and noticed my 5950 is running at 70-72c @7% load. I then look in task manager and noticed its not dropping below 4.75-4.9ghz. I changed NOTHING. im not sure if this is related to the AMD GPU bug or not as i do have a 6900XT.

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The AMD 5950X Maximum Operating Temperature is 90c. So if your processor reaches 90c it will start to automatically throttle or slow down.

So as long as it stays below 90c you are within its operating temperature. But it is best to keep it at or below 80c to be on the safe side.

You might have a background program running that is causing the processor to run hot. Like running a backup or scan as an example.

I would stress test your CPU to make sure your CPU Cooler is functioning correctly using something like OCCT. If the Processor doesn't go above 80c - 85c while being stress tested then at least you know your AIO CPU Cooler is maintaining your processor from overheating.

Afterwards try to see what program might be causing your processor to run hot by looking at Windows Task Manager and under the tab "Performance".


I noticed iCUE software was using about 4.5% of cpu power, i had closed it out and it went from 70-72c down to 55-58c

my AOI is running about 29c so im assuming its working. I'll definitely do a stress test on it to double check everything. This us basically a brand new build "i did it myself" from Feb. this year