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Adept I

Issue with 7800X3D igpu-Q code 76

I tried going from F13 tonight to F20a. PC works fine but my Debug LED cycled through a few codes after it booted. D8 or 08 not sure, 0E I think was one and maybe one other. No issues at all with F13 so I’m wondering why with F20a I’m having my Q code display show codes now. I rolled back to F13 and I get AA like before on my debug led. Also if I install the igpu drivers on either bios I get a q code of 76. Once I uninstall them the code goes away.

Pc boots fine and works fine, device manager shows the IGPU has no issues and just for ****s and giggles I tried using my igpu to play some games and everything works fine. Any idea of what is going on? I have another x670e master on the way but I don’t think my board is defective. RAM was stress tested with Aida64 and memtest and no errors at cl30 6000 either. Zero crashes in games and literally my pc runs flawlessly.

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Big Boss

NoShock77, sounds like all is fine! I would guess your MB fixed a bug which stopped the Q codes from displaying. What you are seeing are progress codes and when there is a problem, it stops showing the problem area. Enjoy, John.

Sorry I’m not following you. With BIOS F13 and with the igpu drivers installed I get 76 displayed after boot. On F20a my q code display keeps cycling codes even after it’s fully booted and in windows. My boards q code display has always cycled codes before post as it should, and would always display AA once in windows indicating that everything is ok. So I’m asking why #1 why do the igpu drivers cause my board to show 76 once booted and #2, why would my board cycle through q codes AFTER I’m already in windows indicating some type of error? I’m assuming it’s because F20a is a beta bios but I’m not sure. 

NoShock77, I recommend you contact your MB vendor. Where did you get your iGPU drivers? All AMD drivers should come from here. I cannot answer your questions and even you say there is no problem. Enjoy, John.

The igpu driver came from the AMD website via AMD adranaline. I’m just trying to make sure the code doesn’t indicate a problem I’m not aware of.