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Is a 120 mm cooler sufficient for a 2990WX?

I got a new system at work that has a Threadripper 2990WX, but only has an ASUS ROG RYUO 120 for cooling.  That's only a 120mm square radiator.  Details at: 

Not surprisingly the system overheats badly.  Running Prime95 on just 16 threads pushes the CPU to 95 Deg C according to HWmonitor.  It seems to me that with a 250W TDP, that system needs a much better cooling solution.  I note that the ASUS unit is not on the approved list of coolers that AMD maintains, not for any of their Threadripper cpus, not even the 180W TDP units.

Is that combination of CPU and Cooler ever likely to be able to run 64 threads without throttling?  Or should it be replaced with something that has a better cooling solution?

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Thats way too hot for long term use, get a better AIO cooler, a 240mm AIO or higher is what AMD reccomends when it comes to threadrippers and, A decent 360mm AIO would be even better if you can find one that fits works with socket TR4 boards.

Other than that there are also air coolers out there that perform way better than that 120mm AIO, though they can be a bit bulky in size and you may need to check for any clearance issues before you even consider getting one, the good ones are priced nearly the same (sometimes more) as the cheapest 360mm AIO you can find available online so its all up to you and whatever fits your budget.

As Jamesx380fx mentioned, Here are AMD Recommended CPU Coolers for the Threadrippers: 

Big Boss



Interesting.  I'm just stating what CPUID HWMonitor is reporting.  Should I assume that it's incorrect?  I tried installing the AMD monitor from this page  but that just pops up a dialog saying "Sorry an unexpected error has occurred.  Please restart the application."  So that's no help at all.  Given that HWMonitor appears to be incorrect, and AMD's system monitor won't start, what should I use to get an accurate reading of temperature?


Here and ONLY here.


The temp you’re looking at is probably the offset temp.  Look at the Die temp in HWMonitor or look at the Ryzen Master temp like misterj said.