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If i could get any help with my overclocking, it would be really appreciated

Hi there, sooooo i'm pretty desperate. i've been posting in a few forums and i legit get no answers, so i wondered " why dont i just ask directly on the forum of the manufacturer of the processor that i have the problem with? " Sooo yeah! here i am, i really need help, badly. i have an amd phenom ii x2 56 ( I know, it's old, but that's not the most important thing here. ) So, its a black edition, it has cores that are locked, you can unlock them if your motherboard supports it, mine does so i was like " Why not? " so i just, unlocked the 3rd and 4th core. pc running smoothly, more than ever, and i also reduced the bottleneck, i have a gtx 750ti ( that i got for 50$, i couldn't care less about the bottleneck for that price. ) soo this 4th core really helped me, just to show you the difference, i play league of legends, with the bottleneck i used to get barely 60/50 fps, now that my cpu cores are unlocked, i can run it at 200fps on very high. tried it on pubg too, from 15 fps to 45/50 in medium, fornite, i get 80fps now instead of 40/50 in medium, soo it was a pretty big change for me and it really helped me out. Now, let's get to the main issue, the 'unlock cores" thing has a problem with a bunch of games such as rust and rainbow six siege. these two games, can't support the overclock or whatever, so they act really badly, the playermodels start twitching, hands move all alone, and, most importantly freezes and crashes. I tried playing rainbow six siege, i can run it at a smooth 80fps on medium, sooo let's start by saying that all the playermodels twitch, their hands move all alone, i tried playing a few games, i played one game, just one and after that, i started another one and at the second round, all of a sudden in the middle of the game, it dropped to 0fps, game froze, i could hear the sound but i had 4000ms, and 0 fps, and after a little bit, boom, the game crashed. now with rust its basically the same thing, just here it crashes directly, no freeze, a bunch of rust errors appear about the playermodel and the game crashes.. now i was asking myself if it was a faulty gpu, well, it wasnt, i tried with an older gpu and it was the same exact thing so i decided to try to remove the overclock, and try to play the games. with bottleneck, stuttering, but maybe that was the problem, the overclock.. so, i removed the overclock, and ran both games.. they didnt crash. no playermodel twitching, and the games didnt crash. problem? a lot of stutters since its dual core and also cause of the bottleneck, fps drops, it's just unplayable so i went back to the x4 unlock cause i couldnt use my computer like that. now i was wondering, is there any solution to this? It cause the 3rd and 4th core are faulty or is it cause of maybe voltages? i dont really know.. in case, i'm gonna give u a screen of a cpu-z info , i also tried to run a prime95 stresstest for 30minutes and no errors appeared, so yeaah i dont really know, just please help me. thank you in advance

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Those cores are locked for various reasons, usually because they didn't meet the performance requirements and were axed, and they are not guaranteed to work flawlessly if they are activated. You can try manually overclocking as well, as voltage increases can bring stability, but that's not guaranteed either. The only -real- solution is to upgrade your system.