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Journeyman III

I would like to update/optimize my AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 820 Processor

and need advice.  I've tried the Device Manager and also the AMD site.  I have an older PC and I'm not very tech savvy BUT I can follow instructions.  It maybe that there is no way to improve it's performance, but I thought I'd try and ask the experts.  Overall, I'm hoping to improve the performance on an online game I recently downloaded.  (City of Heroes)

I can copy/paste any information on my PC.  I just need to know how and where to find it.


2 Replies

There's really no way to update and/or optimize that processor, it's too antiquated. You need to think about upgrading your entire system.

If you can't afford to upgrade your entire computer system, then go to your motherboard's Support site and see what CPU's are compatible with your motherboard.

If your motherboard uses a AM3 socket and not a AM2+ socket, and your motherboard is one of the later models of AM3, it may support AM3+ processors like the AMD FX Series processors.

If you post your exact Motherboard Make & Model I can check to see if it has a CPU Compatibility list and BIOS versions needed to support the CPU that are listed.