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Journeyman III

Hyper-V Live migration fails on new processor.

We have a couple hundred HPE AMD servers running about 2500 VM’s on Hyper-V and have been able to live migrate VM's between all of them until we got to the latest HPE Gen11 and this allows NO live migration from any previous version of AMD processor. Hyper-V gets a processor incompatibility error and HPE and Microsoft have been working on it for 8 months and have no solution. I cluster of 8 servers I have not been able to use. I'm having to look at moving everything to Intel because we don't trust that AMD will allow live migration of VM's in the future is the model changes.

We have clusters running on all these versions of processors and Live migration works perfectly.
HPE DL385 Gen8 AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6376
Had to Skip Gen9 since AMD was not part of that generation.
HPE DL385 Gen10 AMD EPYC 7451 24-Core Processor
HPE DL385 Gen10Plus AMD EPYC 7302 16-Core Processor

Once we put in a Gen11 cluster we can no longer live migrate VM's on/off this cluster its acts like its a vendors processor in my environment.
HPE DL385 Gen 11 AMD EPYC 9124 16-Core Processor

Any ideas? We have had HPE and Microsoft working on this for a while HPE gave up and Microsoft can see the error but it thinks it will require a BIOS update or something at HPE and we basically had to give up.

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Journeyman III



Same problem here !

We had an HyperV cluster with DELL and HP (Gen10) servers -> no problem.

We just added an HP Gen11 server and now we cannot live migrate our VMs to or from the new server...

Did you find a solution ?


Do you think the problem is with HyperV or with HP (BIOS or elsewhere) ?


Thank you,