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How to optimize the 78000X3D using curve optimizer

Hello. Help who understands or has a 7800x3d processor. I want to get the maximum productivity, but there is not much experience. How do I fine-tune CO for each core? After all, as I understand it, pho tuner 2 doesn't work on this processor. Another question is whether it is possible to minimise tdp, as on the 7700x processor and what should it be? I would be very grateful for the assistance provided.

6 Replies has a owners thread, someone there can probably offer optimal settings.

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Oh, there is a ton out there. Why you would use this chip, and looking for "productivity" is a bit odd. That said, ive seen some OK scores from a 8 core, x3d chip (still running it) But again, for productivity, id look else where for sure. 




The number 5 score at 4.35 is also mine.  But, at 4.35, and 4.33, there is "odd" issues. As ill link in a second. 

That said, again, if production is your want, id got with another chip. But, do you mate. To each their own. 





I probably didn't put it that way: I need not high temperatures from it and squeeze it as much as possible for games. Therefore, I need to customise CO for each core pointwise. And there's no information on this sensible anywhere, manual.


I would search the forum, I've been posting some info for people who want to dive in.

Most of the places say, start high and reduce till stability, but people don't even know the value to start with and not all CPU's are created equal (Silicon Lottery)

Overclocking these days is much more elegant than before, its not about setting a value and move along. Good VRM's is needed, airflow and some understanding of each setting does.

The Easy way:
I wouldn't start right now with a per core curve optimizer, go with a all core soft curve optimizer, start with -5; -10 or -15 all core and check stability, voltages, performance and temperatures.
Later on when you "get to know" your cores more, like, which one boosts higher. Have a look inside Ryzen Master core rankings or the board built in ratings to validate your "gut feeling". Then you will be able to do a per core curve optimizer.

Keep in mind that the way PBO works, you'll get less temperatures overall but they could be spiking hard if they have headroom to boost, this is just an example.

If you are are already running hot STOCK, you won't see much benefit, as one of your required limits/requirements is already being breached.

Good Luck



VIDEO right here.

The Englishman


Ya, i doubt you see much of a gain, doing all that, for gaming. But, do you. When you said "productivity" ,.. i didnt think gaming. Cheers.