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Journeyman III

GPU too loud

Hello, ive bought my gaming computer like half year ago and since then i was having problem that when my pc turned on the fan was super loud, i didnt really care about it til now since i need to do calls and stuff and my computer is being loud in background. Im pretty sure its something related to settings since when i start playing game such as Remnant from the ashes, settings on ultra, the pc goes quiet, the temp goes up but i think at that point cooling fans turn on because there s really no sound whatsoever, meanwhile when im browsing on chrome my pc is loud af. Im more into software and dont understand hardware that much, can anyone help me with this? I can provide any info about settings and stuff if needed.

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Apparently my account was blocked since i cant verify im not a robot, btw no captcha or anything, i tried all browsers and also on phone, i cannot edit or post new comment so i had to make new account, loving this website already, anyway 

system: Windows 10 Home

cpu : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

gpu:  AMD Radeon RX 5700XT