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Adept I

Expected temperature of 3960x under sustained loading

Hi there,
I have a Threadripper 3960x on an Asus Prime TRX40-Pro mobo, cooled by a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3.
I have performed the 9 small + 4 big points method suggested by Noctua for the thermal paste application:


The case has two fans at the front and one fan at the back, all 12 cm in diameter.

Yesterday, we have run ANSYS Fluent in parallel on all 24 cores for about 4 hours straight:

Ansys Fluent: Fluid Simulation Software | Ansys 
It was during mid-day, the room was air-conditioned and I guess that the ambient temperature was around 25 degrees Celcius.
AMD Ryzen Master's temperature reading was around 78 degrees Celcius during that run.
Here is a screenshot:

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-27 at 17.57.30.jpeg

My question is, is this temperature level expected? Should the CPU run cooler with these settings?

Thanks in advance,

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The temperature are fine well within the CPU range.

Curious why you are running the processor at a fixed all core clock of 4GHz though.

Big Boss

hconel, your temperatures are looking really good considering you have an air cooler - I assume.  I have a 3970X and go higher than that, but on water AIO.  I would like to see Ryzen Master with an all core Cinebench running. I will post mine when I finish using Hyper-V.  Please describe your OC.  There is temperature head to 95C for more clock.  Enjoy, John.


78C is well below the thermal throttle so you can consider you machine to be thermally stable

i suggest testing it once in a while as thermal material can fail over a period of time

I have refurbished several video cards due to thermal throttling and I like Arctic MX-4 which does the job I want

Adept I

fyrel‌ I am not quite sure. The only thing I have changed in the BIOS settings was to enable DOCP. Is it not normal? What would you suggest?

misterj‌ Yes, the cooler is an air-cooler. I have seen people talking about 65C-70C on full load in some forums, so 78C became a concern to me. Maybe I should also run Cinebench but I guess that ANSYS Fluent has generated an equivalent if not some more strain on the CPU.

hardcoregames™‌ Thanks for the advice. Although it has jumped to 82C occasionally, I guess I can conclude that my thermal paste application and cooler installation were correct.

Also since you have mentioned the 95C throttling limit, I would prefer staying VERY FAR AWAY from the 90C region. Because I am planning to run this computer under these conditions for extended periods of time (maybe 7/24). Do 80C-ish temperatures become a problem in the long run then?


It looks like the clock speed change is from Ryzen master since OC mode is showing as manual.

Should be able to just hit the reset button on Ryzen master to return it to default.

If that doesn't change then CCX numbers back to 4500 you would want to reset bios and enable the DOCP again.

Actually I was not trying to get 4500 MHz clock speed per se. Honestly, I would prefer running at a lower overclocked frequency if that would provide a more reasonable temperature and better stability/life expectancy. I was not even able to update the BIOS version, so I will do that and post an update here as soon as I have access to the computer. Thank you!

hconel, this is what I was afraid of!  ASUS is the worst of the MB vendors to mess with your system.  I suspect you have started an ASUS applications and it decided to under-clock your system without your permission.  It was not done by RM.  Here is my advice: Open Settings- Windows key-i- Apps and find all ASUS applications and uninstall them all-Restart-then do a Clear CMOS and do not enable DOCP.  DOCP is an invention of ASUS and no telling what is buried in there.  If XMP is available in your BIOS you can safely use that.  Now post a screenshot of RM running Cinebench R20 all core.  Yours should look a lot more lot mine.  AMD designed their processors to run at 95C and warranties them for three years.  Each user, of course, can do as they please.  I have a really good AIO cooler and seldom get close to 95C but sure have.  Ryzen takes care of itself by reducing MHz and core Voltage.  Many silicon semiconductors run at 200C with no problems - see large 2000 Ampere silicon diodes.  You also have no need for a new Thermal Interface Material (TIM).  There is  little difference between the best and the worst TIM.  As long as you do not use liquid metal or tooth paste you will be fine.  AMD recommends water cooling for Threadrippers, and if you want to go fast, you may need a good AIO.  Thanks and enjoy, John.


I must admit that I have no idea about overclocking. The only reason I have turned DOCP on was to get the 3600 MHz RAM frequency, which was normally limited to 2133 MHz. I will try to make sense of what you say in your post and try them, then post an update here. Thanks!


If DOCP is causing the issue and I would not be surprised if it is. Others have complained to about how ASUS does this. You could turn DOCP off I think and just manually change the memory speed and timings. I hope your board has the flex-ability. If not you could probably do it from Ryzen Master but bios would be better if possible. 


I recommend setting the RAM to DDR4-3200 for Ryzen 3000 and TRX40 speeds are also DDR4-3200

Big Boss


Score was 17,000.  Enjoy, John.


The first remark in this picture is the huge difference between PPT, CPU Power, TDC and EDC percentages. Is this related to the model difference (3960x vs 3970x)? Which I highly doubt.


hconel, my 3970X is running completely factory settings except for the XMP 3200MHz.  I have tried to discover what CPU Power and SOC Power are and what they are used for.  The AMD people I talked to did not know and AMD does a very poor job of documenting their applications.  I do believe these two are informational and are not used for throttling.  PPT, TDC and EDC are defined in the RM documentation and are used for throttling along with CPU Temperature.  With factory settings all three will increase, your MHz will increase.  When W10 gives your processor work to do the goal is to get it completed ASAP!  This will drive your CPU temperature up but it will be limited to 95C even if your cooler cannot.  Please open RM and click on '? Help' at the bottom left and a browser page will open with lots of good information.  I use Ctrl-f to open a search window and use this to get details.  It will tell what these are but not what they mean.  The SOC is the System on A Chip that is used for the system management function, memory controller, RAID controller and probably more.  Please ask any more questions.  Enjoy, John.


May I also ask for how long did you run Cinebench to get these results?


hconel, takes my system about 30 seconds - just timed it.  Enjoy, John.

EDIT: If you want a heavy load forever, you can use Prime95.

Journeyman III

Hello hconel,

May I ask you in what PC case you have installed your 3960X system ?

I am in the process of building a similar system.... 3960X on a Asus Zenith II Extreme Alpha mainboard.

I decided to start with a NH-U14S TR4-SP3 cooler and if temps are not good enough i will go custom loop.

The case i have right now is this one:

Right now I have 3x140mm + 5x120mm Noctua fans...

The i7-5930k at 4.5Ghz right now run at max 60°C with a Noctua NH-D15S...

But in case i should go custom loop with the 3960X i might consider another case.

Any suggestions?