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Journeyman III

DPC_watchdog_violation with zen 2

since upgrading the CPU from 1600 to 3600 on the same X370 killer sli motherboard, whenever i launch a game in windows, the pc would freeze for a few minutes and the bsod appears. DPC_watchdog_violation
also, after logging into windows, there is always hundreds of WHEA-logger event 17s in the event viewer, something to do with the PCI Express Upstream switch port.

i'm not sure when the cause is, so i wanna ask here and see if someone could help, please.

pc specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: x370 killer sli , BIOS version P5.40, AGESA ComboPI
ram: 16gb hynix ddr4 2666c19
OS: windows 10 ver1903 build 18362.239
graphics: RTX 2060 palit gaming pro oc
graphics driver: nvidia 431.36

i asked the same question on asrock's forums, a user said nvidia is working on a fix. i wanna ask if this is entirely their problem, or would there be something to do with the CPU/motherboard/bios/windows? thank you very much

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Journeyman III

well turns out it was my usb dac that doesn't get along with my new cpu or something. upon disconnecting it from the pc, it runs normally again. WHEA warnings are still there though.

minidump says it's the hidusb.sys that crashed. so i don't know if this problem would be limited to this particular unit of usb device or not.

Journeyman III

Hello, i have the same problem with a ryzen 3600: can navigate, youtube, netflix, photoshop, etc but the moment i open Steam or Blizzard app my computer freeze and show a DPC_watchdog_violation. Memtest, HDD and cpu pass trought test with 0 error, all driver updated (even try previus versions) but nothing resolve the problem

Already did:
Clean install W10 (3 versions, all the same problem)
Updated with last vga,sound, chipset,LAN, etc drivers, unistalled and try previus versions
Memtest the ram: both, single, changed slot, etc multiple times with 0 error
Test HDD: no problem or damaged sector
Stress test: Heavy load, Furmark works fine no bsod
Already try another VGA and HDD, the bsod keep go in.
Please help me!

Ryzen 3600 (stock cooler)
Asrock B450M -hdv r4 BIOS 2.30
Asrock Rx 580 Phantom Gaming
WD 1tb Blue 7200rpm
Tforce Vulcan 2x8gb 2666mhz
Deep Cool DA600w +80