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Journeyman III

Dose Raven Ridge Can V-Synk off?

(Excuse me, bad English) / (why does my writing disappear..)


I use my PC with CPU G4560 no GPU

I wanted to off V-Synk on Graphic control panel

But I didn't find that option

After, I Knew that 'Intel HD Graphic' dose not support V-Synk off

Intel no GPU User can't stop the V-Synk


1. Also, Dose not Raven Ridge support V-Synk off?

Can't Raven Ridge User off the V-Synk? like a Intel bulit in Graphic

can't off? through Radeon Software (adrenallin etc.)



2. Can't Raven Ridge use Adrenallin software?



3. Adrenallin new version(19.7.1) Supports 'Anti-lag' fuction. Can Raven ridge also use this? 


thank you

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