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Journeyman III

Defective 5800x - RMA

Hi guys,

I've been struggling for an entire month with my new pc build. This is quite a strange situation, I have read around and found many reports of broken Ryzen cpus that lead to RMA. But I haven't found one reporting issues similar to mine, yet.

I started seeing issues with hardware accelerated applications right after installing windows. Random app crashes and weird errors. Apps starting completely bugged appearance wise, with flickering and artifacts.

I call the situation strange because the flickering/artifacts seems to be only with applications that make use of the GPU, like chrome, discord, launcher, steam, Dropbox. While installing nvidia drivers (crashes), while running benchmark software, and a few more situations. I never got a bluescreen for example.

So, is this in mind and after excluding many other things like, bios(upgrade and cleared cmos), memory modules (stress test for 4hours, XMP, drivers and clashing software, windows (fresh install), ssd (tried with a new one), and a few other stuffs, I jumped to the obvious, the GPU.

So I got another GPU with a fresh windows install and, to my surprise, the behaviour was exactly the same!

Now things were getting trickier. If it happens with a different GPU, what can the root cause be? Board? CPU? PSU?


I decided to let the troubleshooting to the experts, and delivered my computer to one of biggest computer parts/ hardware store in my city. And here's their conclusion: CPU

The moved my 5800x to a different setup and the exact same graphical issues started to appear, with a plus, bluescreens.

They then placed a 2600x on my build, and guess what? working like a charm.


Based on this tests, with a signed report included, I opened a warranty request form on AMD website: Service Request: {ticketno:[8201110046]}

This is a totally legit claim, is there reasons to worry about? How long does it normally take? I'm based in Europe, Portugal to be more precise.



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Journeyman III

Actually managed to find a very similar situation to mine, also a 5800x.


Im not alone!