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Journeyman III

Crash on all games

Hello, and thank you for your time.

I've just installed a new PC (10 days old), with the following configuration :

-MoBo: B650 Tomahawk WiFi
-RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16Gx2, CAS 40 4800Mhz (6000MHz, CL 30 EXPO)
-CPU: Ryzen 5 7600X + Cooler DeepCool AK620
-GPU: RX 7700XT
-SSD: Lexar NM790 2TO


My problem is this:

Every time I launch a game, it ends up crashing and closing, or in the worst case I get a BSOD (crashes are more frequent). And this regardless of the game and its settings (Graphics, Resolution, Refresh).

I've tested Xbox Gamepass, Steam, Battlenet and other games.... Crash on all

The problem is that crashes don't generate reports and nothing strange appears on the event viewer, but I do have a minidump of a BSOD.

GPU/CPU usage and temperature is more than reasonable, no spikes or the like before crashes.

I tested :
-EXPO on/off
-PBO on/off
-Clear CMOS
-Flash BIOS on several versions (including the latest)
-Memtest + Windows Memory Diagnostic OK
-Miscellaneous Test OCCT ok
-Formatting and complete reinstallation of Windows (I forgot to save 2 old minidumps from the previous installation).
-Multiple driver reinstallations with DDU
-Various commands like “sfc /scannow”.


I defer to your expertise, I was thinking of a hardware problem really, but BSODs are really rare, and the PC outside the game is perfectly stable and performing, so maybe a driver conflict (Which seems to come out of the dump), I don't know...

After an in-game crash, I've just run the “sfc /scannow” command again.
I have a CBS file that seems to indicate corrupt files, but I still crash as much after the repair.

Many thanks in advance!

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