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Journeyman III

Cpu utilization

GPU: AMD Radeon 6800

CPU: AMD ryzen 7 5800x3d 

 I recently upgraded the GPU drivers from the 22.8.1/ 22.8.2 to 23.9.1 and I installed the 23.9.3 today.  

problem: when playing starfield and MW2 on the 22.8.1/22.8.2  driver version my CPU utilization was only showing 1%-5% utilization while gaming. My GPU utilization was showing 98%-99%. After updating to the 23.9.1 my cpu utilization is now showing the between 25%-60% while playing mw2, and I’ve seen it reach as high as 80% in starfield. 

I’m New to the PC world, and I’m not 100% which cpu utilization is correct while I’m gaming. I thought 1-5% was the correct number, because I was till getting good performance, but now I’m seeing a significantly higher utilization, and I’m still getting good performance, but the utilization is higher than before.

Both the GPU and cpu are 3 weeks old. I’ve only had the pc for a month and I made upgrades about a week or two after the purchasing of the PC. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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I don't play it but everything depends on the game, some are cpu bound and other are gpu bound, so in  short cpu bound high cpu usage, and gpu bound well more gpu usage.
also remember driver most of the time fix some stuff, improve other stuff and what ever it brings in new.
So just look around for vids with benchmarks and see and compare if you are in the zone of what you see on the benches.
Hope it somehow helps you.
report back.


Drivers some times have issues. When that happens they usually issue another version quite quickly. 20-25% utilization for CPU sounds more reasonable, starfield and MW are heavy games, and 80% utilization for GPU is about perfect. Do you have the same problem with programs? Test with cinebench and other CPU heavy software and see if you have performance issues there, if you dont have any, happy gaming!

Journeyman III

I appreciate the info, I will keep it in my mind.