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CPU stuck at 0.8GHz

 It has been going on for 3 years now, so i have kinda turned into a maniac trying to fix this. Followed all online tips about doing some registry stuff to doing all kinds of checks through command prompt, updating and downgrading bios and other drivers. Never fidled around with amd overdrive because it isnt supported, and my pc crashes if i do anything in afterburner. Also read something about opening the laptop and cleaning it, but i am not smart enough to do it and i am scared ill damage something. Basically, I fire up some kind of an application, web browser, game, and if it is somewhat graphically intensive for around 20 minutes and by that time the temps are around 56 degrees and ram usage somewhere around 80%. After the frequency drop, the temp is around 41 degrees and the ram usage remains the same, but the cpu usage lowers from around 95 to around 80 and its frequency drops to around 0.8GHz. After I exit the app (because it's so slow i wont get ANYTHING done), the temp and usage lowers and frequency goes to turbo. It automatically returns the frequency to idle after a 5 degree drop. Then if you want to do something again, the problem is still there. Also SOMETIMES, the FSB changes from 100MHz to 150MHz.

Specs (I know this is a bad computer, but i want it to work) :

AMD E2-9000e 2G + 2C

Mobo: HP 8330


GRAPHICS : Integerated AMD Radeon R2 80Mb (clock: 600MHz, memory: 933MHz)

Storage : hard to tell, but some kind of HDD, 480 GB

Ill post a screenshot of something if you need more info, would really like to get it fixed so it can work for some time before i have some money to buy a new pc...

Thanks, Vaclav

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Here are some screenshots of speccy that i thought would help:Speccy 05_01_2021 08_21_19.pngSpeccy 05_01_2021 08_21_49.pngsorry in task manager it says 1866MHzsorry in task manager it says 1866MHzSpeccy 05_01_2021 08_22_20.pngSpeccy 05_01_2021 08_22_35.png


And here are some from monitoring in-game(ETS2):

(RAM is in gigabytes and not %)(RAM is in gigabytes and not %)I noticed that it took exactly 4 minutes for the gpu and vram clocks to drop, but that doesnt really matter because there is never a specific timeframe when it takes place. Where the cpu utilization goes down is also when the clock goes down. But the cause is that suddenly, the gpu clock drops from around 360 - 420 MHz to 210 to 260 MHz and VRAM from 920 - 820 to 730 - 750, which somehow also causes low CPU clock. Between the changes, for six seconds the GPU is at 210, VRAM is at 666 and CPU is at 0.8. After that the game is basically unplayable.

I just got an idea that it could be the VRMs overheating. I am not a huge expert, but ill try opening the computer and clean it, maybe new fan and paste...