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Journeyman III

CPU slowdowns

I have AMD FX-6350 Six-Core Processor , 8GB RAM and Radeon RX 470 Graphics.

A month ago all of a sudden i started to experience i think cpu slowdowns. When i play a game that requires more cpu this problem happens: I start the game at for example 120 fps, after a certain amount of time ( about 2min) it drops to 50-60 fps for 10 seconds, then it comes back up, and the process repeats. 

Please AMD support, i tried lowering my setts on games, update drivers, cleaned my whole pc but it didnt work.

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Re: CPU slowdowns

Sorry, darth-_-, this is a user forum.  To contact AMD Support please go here.  Good luck, John.

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Re: CPU slowdowns

Possibly other Users here at AMD Forums has a similar issue with their FX processors or even Ryzen. Maybe one of the Users might be able to help you with your problem.

First you need to post your computer setup Make & Model of  Hardware and Windows, Drivers, & BIOS versions currently installed.

I have a FX8350 but I really don't pay attention to FPS when I play a game. As long as the game runs smoothly is all I care about.  I have Strange Brigade which runs smoothly with my GPU card. 

Have you tried any previous AMD Driver to eliminate possible bug in the latest Driver for your GPU card?

Here is the latest AMD Driver from AMD Download Page from 11/04/2019:   In case you haven't installed the latest yet.

Here is where you can download previous AMD Drivers: 

Does this happen in all games or just in one particular game?  Which game (s) are affected?

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Big Boss

Re: CPU slowdowns

I suggest upgrading to 16GB of memory which should relive the bottlenecking of 8GB memory and the Radeon card.