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Adept II

CPU Cooler For 5800x

 Just want to ask if  anyone on here has used the Artic Freezer RGB A35 CPU cooler on AMD Ryzen 5800x 

Its had excellent reviews

This was tested on Ryzen 9 5950X and gave good results. 

Would be grateful for any thoughts on this 

I also spotted this Ram from Kingston DDR4 16GB  3600C17 going for 58.00 on Amazon 

I was going to go for a water cooler do they really make that much difference to really good tower cool, and they are more expensive. 





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For a 5800x I would recommend a Noctua Nh-U12A


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You really don't need a watercooler for six to eight core CPUs as they can easily be cooled with air. With 7900X and 7950X it would make more sense, although not necessary.

If you find a cooler that gets good reviews both in cooling performance and quietness, that you can fit inside your PC case and does not touch VRM nor memory sticks when installed, go ahead.

I tend to prefer models which do not require to change the motherboard backplate as that is too much work and those tend to get lost and when you at some point would like to use another cooler or water cool, you might need the original backplate. Luckily I store everything on motherboard box and what are they called in English "press seal bag"?

Also I prefer models which support standard fans in case you need to replace one later on. Some models have specific fans which are not quite the regular shaped models.

Adept II

Yes your right I looked at the review for coolmaster 240 RGB review and I can tell you there is alot messing around with cable collections, and also the temps were not that good according to . My current water cooler is coolmaster 120 and bloody hell of a job getting into my ITX CASE. (again coolmaster) I will be putting all my old stuff back in that case and thats going to be a load fun! My only concern that this chip gets hot :):) 


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For a 5800x I would recommend a Noctua Nh-U12A


I have ordered the and extra fan kit today, had some good reviews on it, one review was was tested on the 5800X and came up trumps.Thanks for all the replies. 


I jjust put a Deepcool AK620 on a 5800x3d and its working great 5800x3d_firstnight.gif

This is with amibient temp of aroun 17C

Yes looked at this one and was on my list,  unfortunately it won't fit my Aero Eclipse Case MATX Case its slightly too  long and will touch the glass. It has to me under 16mm this is 16.2mm.  


For a more budget conscious, yet quite effective colling solution, check out Thermalright series of CPU coolers. I'd gotten a PA120 SE (less than 50USD) for my R9 3900X and I'm pretty sure it'd tame that 12C/24T beast easily enough based on the reviews I've seen of it.

Good coolers do NOT have to be expensive, they are more cost effective ones other than Noctua or Be Quiet!. Just pointing out some alternatives.

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