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Journeyman III

cpu always running at 100%

So everytime i opened task manager it says my CPU is always running at 100% I've updated all my drivers and my bios in an attempt to fix it but it still runs at 100% The only time it doesn't run at 100% is when i OC it to run at 3.55 ghz. The apps always switch randomly making things like discord or google run at around 70% for a second or so.

Ryzen 5 1600

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Journeyman III


Journeyman III

Hi @isly !

I have heard that you have been facing issues with processor running at 100%. I own an AMD A6-7480. I had faced the same problem but I got a solution to it. Just try doing:-


1) Reinstall motherboard drivers using the original CD provided by the motherboard manufacturer.

2) Go to task manager and end unwanted processes.

3) Run Command Prompt as administrator and run sfc /scannow command.

4) Run Disk Cleanup.

5) Win + R and type temp and %temp% and delete all files.

6) Uninstall unwanted programs

7) Scan your computer for malware; It may cause the processor to run at 100% utilization.

8) Restart your computer.

9) Boot in safe mode and scan for malware

10) If none of the above procedures work, get your processor checked by your local service center.


I hope this helps you! :)

- Sachith D