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Journeyman III

Complete freeze of the laptop

Hello. Please help. I bought a laptop Acer Nitro 5 R5 6600H for a month and I am constantly tormented by the complete freezing of the laptop. It happens during games. The screen freezes tightly, only a complete shutdown of the laptop helps. I have searched for help on the website of the laptop manufacturer and Microsoft, but they did not provide me with any solutions. They told me to contact AMD support. Windu reinstalled 10 times. I swap windows 10 and 11. The errors were the same. Errors in the event log will write below
Errors when enabled:
-Service Control Manager 7034
-certificateservicesclient-certenroll 86

During hover:
-DistributedCOM 10010
-EventLog 6008
-Kernel Power 41

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Big Boss

vladislav088, this is a user forum. Please reach AMD Support here.  Please tell us much more about you machine and we will take a look. Also like to see more details of the Event Log. If you right click Computer-Manage-Event Viewer-Windows log-System then in the right panel click Filter Current Log... then Check critical and Error, then OK. This will create filtered log. Then click Save Selected Events... which creates a file. Make the file available for me to download. Thanks and enjoy, John.

thanks for the answer. I sent the data to AMD support, but so far they have not responded. I'll post the error screenshots here.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg


Thanks, vladislav088. Could you not follow the instructions I gave you? If you had, I should be reading English not your language. I translated one of them:


Looks like most have nothing to do with your freeze. Please try it again and check only Critical and when go to "Save Selected Events..." be sure to check English. There are two Critical errors here that could be your hang. These are "Kernel-Power". Were you running on battery or wall power? I would suggest you talk to your supplier about these two Critical errors.

AMD support just came out of a Maintenance period and are probably backed up.  I opened two requests recently and it took at least a week. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Your translated everything correctly into English. I always work from the network. AMD support answered me and asked for more data that I have already provided. If the problem is not solved through AMD support, I will try to return the laptop back to the store. The problem is that I just bought a laptop in another country, and there may be problems sending it back to the store. Kernel-Power writes in detail that the system stopped responding, a critical failure occurred, or the power turned off unexpectedly.


Thanks, vladislav088. Make sure your battery connections are clean and secure. Long time ago a friend's laptop dropped the WiFi connection occasionally. One day I released one of the two latches holding the battery and the battery fell out; the other latch was not secure. After securing both latches no more WiFi drops. We see lots of Kernel-Power errors here and some are insufficient power supply, others glitches in voltages and others main board defect. Enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Have you done a system stability test? have you monitored computer resource consumption in games?