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Adept I

Can I find Out if CPU,Motherboard is faulty in My PC?

Almost 6 months I have issue where mouse is laggy, choppy, inaccurate.

I have tried All tweaks, I formated windows 10 completely, Disabled HPET. Tried OC, tried without OC, but issue persists.In games it is getting worse and choppy.

Tired of fighting my Mouse movement, to make it get to the position I want.I lost my muscle memory.

NOTE: It is not the mouse I Tried different mouses.I can't test other hardware on My PC because I do not have any and the retailer does not help here.Tested RAM with Memtest and I haven't seen any errors.(15 passes). Please do not provide me with answers like drivers etc etc. I am 100000% certain is hardware issue.

I would appreciate someones help so I can show the results to my retailer and change the faulty hardware. And maybe sue them for the torture they doing to me. Cannot think to anything else except fixing this issue :].

PC Specs:

Ryzen 1700;

2x8 3200mhz ram;

Vanguard 750+W Gold;

Prime X370 Pro.

Asus GTX 1060;

SSD NVMe 240gb;


I wouldn't suspect GPU because the fps is High.

Thanks :].

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