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Bracket on MSI B350M Bazooka

My MSI M350M Bazooka has a bracket on it that looks like it was designed to use an old CPU cooler. Then again AMd sold a lot of Ryzen 1000 processors with no cooler included.

My R5 2400G has a Wraith cooler, so I guess I need to removed the bracket and simply screw down the supplied cooler.

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Many of the CPU Coolers requires you to remove the motherboard's original CPU brackets and install the new CPU Cooler brackets if the motherboard doesn't come with the correct type of brackets.

I have an AM3+ Motherboard that came with the old style Level bracket to hold down the CPU Cooler. When I purchased a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO I needed to remove the Level bracket and install the CoolerMaster CPU Cooler bracket (The bracket uses four screws) to be able to install the new CPU Cooler.

If you motherboard doesn't come with the correct CPU Cooler bracket for your Wraith, than you need to replace the brackets with the Wraith CPU cooler brackets to be able to install it.

I imagine if your Motherboard is a AM4 motherboard it should have the proper brackets or screw holes for the Wraith CPU Cooler to be able to install.

You may need to remove the brackets and install the Wraith Brackets if it comes with it. from your motherboard's Support:


I found a video on youtube of a AM4 board with the same brackets. When removed the wraith cooler fits the holes and screws into the backplate frame.

My R5 2400G came with the wraith cooler. I figured the bracket was to recycle an existing AM3 cooler.